Here Are 10 Safety Tips For Pregnant Women When Travelling

10 Safety Tips For Pregnant Women When Travelling

You really want to go for this trip, but you ditched because you’re pregnant?

Are there already arrangements for you to travel, but you’re scared of going because you’re pregnant?

Worry not. These tips for being safe while travelling will guide you.

Here are safety pregnancy tips for you when travelling:

1. Cross-check Policies

Research and ask people about pregnant policies for pregnant women on the airline that you want to use.

This is to avoid missing your flight, being embarrassed or being unaware of benefits of pregnant women.

2. See your Doctor

Let your doctor know that you are travelling.

Your doctor should be able to give you remedies for nausea, miscarriage or any other ailment that may affect you as a pregnant woman.

3. Pre-travel diet

Avoid acidic foods and alcohol. Take very healthy food that your doctor has recommended for you previously.

4. Don’t be anxious

If you get too worried while on the plane, you may just be hurting yourself. Don’t worry about certain activities on board.

Body scans at security check-ups are completely safe for pregnant women. Don’t assume that it is unsafe to avoid distractions.

5. Reserve a comfortable seat

Ensure that you get a seat that will be safe and comfortable for you.

In case of any abnormality during the trip, think of the seat that will get your stomach at the right position.

When traveling by road, ensure that the car you travel in is comfortable for you.

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6. Use the seat belt

You have to use the seat belt. Even for non-pregnant women, seat belts are the safest on flight.

However, there comes a time when people move around and don’t use seat belts on planes. Except you’re standing up to use the restroom, always use your seat belt.

7. Drink plenty fluids

Drink water, juice and non-alcoholic cocktails. It is good for you to be well hydrated while travelling so you can retain a healthy pregnancy.

8. Exercise

Do enough exercise before travelling. It helps you stay comfortable and healthy for the baby.

9. Arrange a Destination medical care

Before travelling to your destination, you need to contact the new Doctor that would be taking care of you.

This is important so that in case you don’t have much time to visit the hospital, you can easily call the Doctor or request a home consultation.

10. Don’t travel with pregnancy complications

If you have pregnancy complications such as high blood pressure, diabetes, ectopic pregnancy, or frequent miscarriage, please don’t travel.

When you know your health is at stake, there is no need to bother travelling. It is not safe for you.

Written by Eugene Nyavor

Eugene Nyavor is the Founding Editor at Gh Links.

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