This is how the headmaster & Priscilla’s S£X Video on a kitchen stool got leaked- The inside story #iamghlinks

Ever since the “Breman Edumanu $ex tape” hit social media, people have been wondering how the video got leaked considering the fact that they recorded the video themselves.

In the 4minutes 16 seconds video, it was obvious both the headmaster Robert Sepey and the girl Priscilla Tettey were aware the video was being recorded and as such both gave their best show. It, therefore, beats people’s mind as to how the video got leaked on social media.

Meet Mr. Robert Sepey, the headmaster who was caught on camera sleeping with his 16-year-old pupil (Photo+Video)
Mr. Robert Sepey, the headmaster involved in the scandal
 According to what gathered speaking to a close source of the girl, headmaster Robert Sepey and the young girl Priscilla Tettey agreed to record the video and watch later when they are alone and miss each other.

The video was recorded with the phone of the headmaster and later transferred unto the phone memory card of Priscilla Tettey to be watched by her later.

Well, the brother of Priscilla Tettey took his sister’s memory card with the intention of transferring music from it. Unfortuenly, he saw the video and showed it to his friends.

According to what we gathered, Prisciall Tettey is the “Attitude” kind of girl who does not open up to the other guys. She has equally rejected the proposal of many of the guys in Breman Edumanu.

Priscilla Tettey, the girl in the headmaster scandal video
So the friends of the brother copied the video, shared with their friends and finally, it went viral.

But as we confirmed earlier, the young girl is not 16 years as earlier revealed. She is actually 20-years-old and she is a final year student at Odoben Senior High School in the Central Region.

The headmaster, Mr. Robert Sepey is the boyfriend of the girl, Priscilla Tettey and he takes care of her including all her school needs. Her parents are aware and they support their affair.



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