Hafid Alicea: Youth wrestler sucker punches opponent after loss

Hafid Alicea, Cooper Corder

There is being a sore loser and then there is being a sour one and Youth wrestler, Hafid Alicea falls into the latter category.

This was following a freestyle wrestling match in the United States of America against Cooper Corder.

A horrific video captured Hafid Alicea sucker punching his opponent, Cooper Corder, after a match.

The incident took place in Oak Park, Illinois during a third-place 125-128 pound match at the 2023 Beat the Streets Developmental FS tournament.

Cooper Corder, representing SPAR Academy and wearing an orange singlet, came out victorious against Hafid, of Maine West High School.

The eighth grader won by a scoreline of 14-2.

As he was set to shake hands with Alicea, who wore blue, post-match, he was taken out in cold fashion by his opponent, sending him straight to the floor.

Alicea was then immediately taken off the mat by observers in the crowd as other kids and their parents were shocked with what had just transpired.

Corder seems to have come out of the incident a lot better than initially feared, only suffering a nose injury.

He’s believed to have to wear a face mask during his next matches, however.

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