Truth about Gugu Mbatha Raw husband, children & family life

Gugu Mbatha Raw
Gugu Mbatha Raw

Gugu Mbatha Raw is not married at the moment, and she has never been married to anyone, so she does not have a husband.

Also, she does not have any children of her own.

The 40 year old actress who began acting at the National Youth Theatre and the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art is yet to exchange marriage vows or have children but this doesn’t seem to change her positive views about life in general.

Is Gugu Mbatha Raw Married?

Gugu Mbatha Raw has never been married.

With her fame, talent, and good looks, there is no doubt that she has admirers who would love to settle down with her but she has not found anyone befitting to share her life with.

Gugu Mbatha Raw Relationships

Gugu and Harry

Gugu was rumoured to be in a relationship with the Game of Thrones actor Harry Lloyd about a decade ago.

Gugu and Harry kept details of their love life private. So it was hard to know anything about their relationship.

They parted ways in 2012, and the reason behind their split is not known.

It is also not known when they started dating and how long they were together.

Harry has not been linked to any other woman since their breakup.

Gugu and Nate Parker

Shortly after Gugu and Harry split, she was rumored to be dating another actor named Nate Parker.

The rumour started when they worked together in the romantic drama film Beyond the Lights.

The movie became successful and brought the two closer.

They were seen attending red carpet events together for the movie and took pictures together at the events.

Nevertheless, none of them confirmed if there was anything between them.

Gugu Mbatha Raw’s children

Gugu Mbatha Raw does not have children of her own.

Nevertheless, she is surrounded by kids from her very large family.

Gugu is a proud aunt to her siblings’ children and they love her right back.

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