Gret Glyer Murder: Court documents reveal suspect had dated victim’s wife, Heather Glyer

Gret Glyer
Gret Glyer

A court documents obtained by Washington, D.C.-based Fox affiliate WTTG, indicates that Gret Glyer’s wife, Heather Glyer, is the ex-girlfriend Joshua Danehower, the FedEx employee stands accused of a brutal and bizarre series of events relate to the murder of a non-profit CEO.

Law enforcement believes Danehower sought to reconnect with the woman, who was asleep next to her husband Gret Glyer as he took his final breaths and the harrowing violence unfolded.

According to Washington, D.C.-based NBC affiliate WRC-TV, law enforcement received information that Danehower was “an acquaintance of the family” and acted on the tip as a possible suspect, citing City of Fairfax Police Department Captain Jeff Hunt.

The defendant was arrested on Tuesday night at a FedEx located at Dulles International Airport. He had reportedly worked there for roughly one month.

Joshua Daniel Danehower appears in a mugshot
Murder Suspect, Joshua Danehower

“We extend our deepest sympathies to those affected by this terrible incident,” the shipping company said in a statement obtained by Washington, D.C.-based ABC affiliate WJLA. “We plan to fully cooperate with law enforcement in their investigation.”

The defendant is currently being held at the Fairfax Adult Detention Center without bond.

And, in a macabre sort of way, he seems to be taking his case in stride.

After his bail hearing, Gryer allegedly asked: “Can I order a pizza?” according to the court documents obtained by WTTG. Authorities were astonished and wrote: “he was not taking the situation seriously in the slightest.”

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