Grace Africa: TikTok Influencer with 1.3m Followers Organises Social Event, No Fan Shows up

Grace Africa
Grace Africa

A Nigerian TikTok influencer, Grace Africa, has experienced this first-hand and took to social media to share what was an embarrassing day for her.

The lady with 1.3 million followers on her verified handle recalled how she once organized a meet-and-greet event but no one came.

In a TikTok video of the failed event she shared, the lady is seen standing before a black table-like structure with some African jewelleries.

In another video, the influencer is seen in a phone conversation relaying to her mum how no one turned up for the occasion.

Her mum on the other end expressed surprise and wondered if people weren’t informed about it.

She tried to round off the phone conversation with her mum, stating that she wants to go cry.

But responding to comments, Grace Africa said she didn’t cry despite the failure of the event.

Watch the videos below:

@grace_africaBrought some waist beads from Ghana might just pass them out to ppl♬ original sound – ESOSA||CONTENT CREATOR

@grace_africa Reply to @co.bby told my mom and this was her response😂 #nigerianparents ♬ original sound Grace Africa

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