‘Google search helped my career’ -Regina Adu Safowaah

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Fast rising Ghanaian actress cum tv presenter , Regina Adu Safowaah, in an interview with Nigeria’s Encomium Weekly, talked about the challenges faced by up and coming acts, and how she went from being accessories seller to becoming best new actress at the 2015 City People Awards held in Lagos, Nigeria and more.

Tell us about your childhood and a little about yourself?
By God’s grace, I will simply say that I’m an award winning actress. I’ m fun to be with and I was born to win. Childhood was amazing because I worked with my mom in the village. A prophet told my dad to come for me because my destiny was not in the village. So, my father came for me and I arrived Accra to live with my father and step-mom. And you know what it is living with a step family. But at the end of the day, I believe whatever I went through, the pain, the struggle and the hustle has toughened me to go on and win whatever I desire.

How did your journey into acting begin?

I was actually an accessory seller. When I say accessory, I was selling second hand clothings to undergraduates and when I went there to sell sometimes, they kept my wares for me and send me to get things for them. So, one day, they were discussing relationships between boys and girls on campus, though I never involved myself anytime they discussed, but that day I joined in the conversation. And one of the ladies was like; wow! You are so brilliant and very intelligent. Your voice, your gesticulations, you can try acting. But I told her I don’t know anyone in the industry. She told me I didn’t need to know anybody before I could be whatever I wanted to be. She told me to Google how to get into the entertainment industry. So, I set out and luckily I went to where the game was. We call the place Opera Square in Accra. I met the producer of Hallmark Films and he also introduced me to some few producers. Luckily that day, a producer called Countryman said his friend was shooting that very day and he connected me to the guy. He gave me a role to play and my journey began from there.

Who is your role model?

My only role model is Prophet T.B Joshua morning, evening and dawn.


Who do you admire most in Ghollywood?

The person I admire most in Ghollywood is Jackie Appiah, because she has the spirit of winning. She has a humble spirit of getting things done. No matter what anybody says about her, it’s not my business. I did not create her. But after working with her on like four movie locations, I think I stole something from her that has gotten me this far. She has an approach of getting things done. She doesn’t believe she knows everything.

Who do you admire amongst the Nigerian acts?

In Nigeria, I can’t pick one because I think they are all brilliant. For Ghanaian artists, I mentioned Jackie because she is a brilliant act, but when you watch Nigerian actors, they are super brilliant, people that understand what they are doing.

What effect do you think the award will have on your career?

Let me give you an example; got an opportunity to be on Encomium Weekly because the award attracted you which is a great opportunity for me. I have also done so many interviews since I got back from Nigeria, and I’m talking about ace journalists because they are proud of me.

What are some of the movies you’ve featured in?

Regina: I’ve featured in movies like; Cheaters, House of Gold, African Child, Circle of Pleasure, Behind the Pain, Girls Like that Banana, The Reels, Scarface and so many.

Have you acted in any Nollywood movies?

Yeah, the movie was not shot in Nigeria. It was shot in Ghana, but it was a mixed breed like; Behind the Pain, Today’s Woman and Scarface.

Eugene Nyavor

Written by Eugene Nyavor

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