Glenn Douglas Perry: What we know about the Wisconsin shootout suspect

Glenn Douglas Perry
Glenn Douglas Perry

A 50 year old man identified as Glenn Douglas Perry has been accused of being involved in the shooting deaths of two officers during a Barron County traffic stop in northwestern Wisconsin.

State Justice Department officials said 32-year-old Emily Breidenbach of the Chetek Police Department and 23-year-old Hunter Scheel of the Cameron Police Department were killed during a firefight with 50-year-old Glenn Douglas Perry on Saturday afternoon in Cameron. \

Perry later died at a hospital.

This information was disclosed in a news release from the Wisconsin Department of Justice.

What we know about Glenn Douglas Perry

Perry had previously been charged with misdemeanor battery and domestic abuse in 2020, according to online court records.

However, these charges were dismissed and replaced with a forfeiture for disorderly conduct, domestic abuse.

Perry had two separate misdemeanor domestic violence-related charges in Barron County in the same year, both of which resulted in forfeitures for disorderly conduct.

In 2003, Perry filed for bankruptcy, as per federal court records. Perry was also a respondent in a divorce that began in 2020 and continued until the days leading up to the shooting. On March 30, 2023, court records from Wisconsin show that a bench warrant and order for arrest were issued for Perry, Glenn D.

The divorce case was contentious and involved an order for mediation; Perry’s attorney withdrew at one point.

On March 30, 2023, an order to show cause hearing took place, but neither the petitioner nor the respondent appeared in court.

According to Wisconsin court records, an attorney stated that he was unable to locate Perry for service.

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