Ghanaian Coupon Websites – Basic Facts You Need To Know

Ghanaian Coupon Websites
Ghanaian Coupon Websites
  • Ghanaian Coupon Websites

The use of online coupons is somewhat new in Ghana. More so, not all Ghanaians understand how to use coupons online.

Recently, some online vendors introduced the use of coupons but very few Ghana have tapped into this new venture.

Like in most countries in Europe and America, most companies offer coupons to their customers online. Usually, there are certain criteria that customers must meet to use these coupons. 

If you are lucky, you can get as much 50 percent discount from an online coupon.

Presently, very few companies offer E-coupons in Ghana. 

The following companies offer e-coupons in Ghana:

  • Tech Companies

Considering the economic hardship faced by Ghanaians because of COVID-19, most tech companies operating in Ghana offer coupons to their online customers. They aim to encourage customers to visit and shop via their websites. 

Also, customers are offered as much as a 10 percent discount via e-coupons. On the other hand, these coupons must be used within a certain timeframe.

  • Restaurants 

Recently, most restaurants in Ghana have also joined the queue of organizations that offer e-coupons. Like tech companies, this new offer is to encourage their customers to visit their online platforms. Don’t forget, the COVID-19 has restricted people from sitting more than a certain number at public venues.

Therefore, to ensure that their patronage doesn’t reduce, most restaurants in Ghana now offer e-coupons to customers that order their food from their online platforms.

  • Online Casinos

Before now, online casinos in Ghana were among the first to adopt this approach of offering a discount. You can get welcome bonus offers via e-coupons offered by online casinos that accept Ghanaian players. 

Furthermore, some of the offers you will receive from an online casino ecoupon are:

  • Free spins
  • Welcome bonus
  • No deposit offer

Meanwhile, some online casinos also offer an upgrade to their VIP program via their coupon. 

  • GYM Houses

Also, gym houses have taken a clue from other online companies too to offer e-coupons. Keeping fit no longer has to be so expensive. If you have a gym’s e-coupon, your registration could be cut by half or at least 10 percent. 

Also, you can receive a coupon to upgrade your membership. Don’t forget, some gyms in Ghana have various levels of membership. 

How to use Coupons on Ghanaian Websites

If you have an online coupon from a Ghanaian website, then follow these steps below to activate your offer:

  1. Visit the website
  2. Select the product or service you want
  3. Tap the “Pay Now” or “Make Payment” or whichever button that prompts payment
  4. Scroll down to the bottom of the page or look to the left or right corner
  5. You will find a column where you can insert your coupon number
  6. Insert the coupon and the discount will display immediately
  7. Tap “Proceed” or “Continue” or any other button requesting you to proceed with the transaction

Where to Find E-Coupons in Ghana

Apart from the actual website where you want to patronize, you can also get coupons from their affiliate sites. For instance, some online casinos have affiliate sites where coupons are offered for visiting. To use the coupon you have to visit the main website to cash out your discount.

Similarly, some companies offer coupons to customers that subscribe to their newsletters. 

Interesting Facts About Website coupons

Do you know that the use of coupons has been around for more than 100 years? In the past coupons were sent to customers via post. Then the customer will take the coupon to the company to claim their reward. Most times, customers that get rewarded with coupons make regular purchases or use the company’s service often. 

Nowadays, these coupons are sent electronically to customers. Besides, for companies that have an international presence, e-coupons will be cheaper and more effective. Imagine the cost of sending a coupon via post to a customer. It will certainly be expensive.

Below are other facts about e-coupons you need to know:

  • Time Frame: E-coupons have a deadline. Customers must use the e-coupon within a certain timeframe or it will become invalid. In some cases, the timeframe to use a coupon could be as short as 24 hours. However, some e-coupons can remain valid for one week or more.

  • Percentage Offered: The percentage of the discount by an e-coupon differs. A coupon can offer as much as a 50 percent discount or less. In fact, it is very rare to find a coupon that offers a 50 percent discount. The most common percentage offered is between 5 and 10 percent.

The Best Time to Find Coupons

If you want to grab an e-coupon, there is a certain time of the year you need to aim at. Most companies offer e-coupons during festive seasons and holidays. For instance, during the Christmas holidays, a lot of Ghanaian companies offered e-coupons to their regular customers. 

Also, coupons are offered during public holidays like Independence Day, teachers day, etc. All these are geared towards rewarding customer’s patronage. 

For instance, during veteran day, most war veterans are offered coupons to shop on certain websites. This is done to appreciate their services to the country. However, not all companies wait till these periods to offer coupons to their customers. 

Written by Eugene Nyavor

Eugene Nyavor is the Founding Editor at Gh Links.

Reach me via Email: [email protected]

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