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By requests and several meetings with some students and their leadership.

The Original close of Nominations which was end of last month has been moved to September ending, hereby giving more time for students who did not have the opportunity to pick up nomination forms through no fault of theirs but conditions beyond their reach and strength.

We thereby, request that all students doing so well to contribute to Ghana’s quota of development should kindly feel free and call us for their nomination forms for free on 0543558381 / 0263626332 / 0274309099.

Kindly Take note that Ghana Tertiary Awards Festival comes off at National Theatre on the 31st of October, 2015 – 7pm propmt.

Youth Web Entertainment is a youth oriented organization made up of students across all tertiary institutions of Ghana. The main objective of Youth Web Entertainment Ghana is to actively involve the youth of Ghana, who constitute 40% of Ghana’s population in Nation Building.

Youth Web Entertainment has been involved in numerous entertainment and educative programs in Ghana such as the “Ghana Hepatitis B Media Education Tour”,”Mensah Sarbah Hall Week Celebration”, “Ghana Youth for Peace” during the Election petition and the most recent is the “University of Ghana Accra City Campus 12th SRC week Celebration”.

Having the youth of Ghana at heart and Ghana’s future in mind Youth Web Entertainment have decided upon a survey to organize an award ceremony to reward students who whiles in school are contributing positively through various sectors of Ghana’s Economy to effect change in their society.

The Ghana Tertiary Awards is the First in Ghana and Africa as a whole. Youth Web Entertainment look forward in making the Ghana Tertiary Awards an Annual event in December every year to serve as a festival for all Tertiary Institutions .

This Awards to the students and their Institutions will encourage them to move from Ghana’s theory base studies to a more practical and innovative approach. We want to use this program to motivate the students to contribute to Ghana’s development in any area of their strength as their in school and not only when they graduate. This event will prepare their minds to working for Ghana now because their Ghana’s future and Hope.

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The target audience for the Ghana Tertiary Awards 2014 is the youth of Ghana and it is going to be organized in the month of December especially before the Christmas season .

This is considered because in December the youth in the
Tertiary Institutions have little or no entertaining but educative environment to both develop and ease the stress of studying the whole year.

It is our hope to have the Ghana Tertiary Awards every year especially during recognized festive seasons to provide the Tertiary Institutions the platform to be rewarded on their hard work as students to help change our society and Ghana as a whole.

The success of this Awards Ceremony will be the beginning of self-development and encouragement for the students to start helping mother Ghana even before graduating from school.

Target Groups such as Universities (Government & Private), Polytechnics and other tertiary communities; NAFTI, GIJ and GIMPA.


*To Award students whose lives have changed their society, through their contribution in the area of their work even though they are students.

*To understand why the students lose their way and self-awareness needed to avoid derailment.

*To equip the students with leadership principles, values and ethical boundaries that will enable them handle pressures when severely challenged.

*To find strategies to eliminate extreme poverty, up-hold human right, safeguard a sustainable community and human dignity for poor and vulnerable population.

*To use this Awards platform to talk to them to take leadership positions right from school or community or parliament or hold international roles to boost the current quota.

*To use this year’s Awards Festival to educate the students on “the myth of hepatitis B” And to debunk the myths around it.

*To explore the understanding of Entrepreneurship and Identify factors and resources which are useful in the undertaking initiatives and entrepreneurial activities by students.

*To understand what is motivating them, both extrinsically and intrinsically and to find leadership paths that will enable them to utilize their motivated capabilities.


By the end of the Awards, we would have created a strong generational breed of informed and competent tertiary students ready to take action for their rightful placement, as well as encouraged them to engage in the activities of comprehensive, direct and context-specific strategies to empower the youth and leave a legacy. It is expected that the students would have;

*Been equipped with skills that empower them in their career development paths.

*Identified their self-worth and ability to say “NO”.

*Been challenged to transform lives and inspire change wherever they find themselves.

*Acquire extensive information regarding Hepatitis B.

*Been inspired and empowered to be entrepreneurs to raise their income level which would affect the Economic development and bring Social change.

Speeches by His Excellency the President of Ghana John Dramani Mahama, Honorable Minister of Education and well know Public figures with the theme Awarding Students whose lives changed our society will help sensitized the students to reach for greater heights and do more for Ghana whiles they are still in School.

Finally, we also intend to motivate and encourage the students by honoring them with the awards to inspire them that they are efforts even as students is hugely appreciated and recognized by their Country.


• Top Most Award (2015 GTA STUDENT OF THE YEAR)

• School of the Year

• Most Influential student in Agriculture

• Most Influential student in Engineering

• Most Influential student Male in Radio Presenting

• Most Influential student Female in Radio Presenting

• Most Influential student Male in Television Presenting

• Most Influential student Female in Television Presenting

• Most Influential student Blogger/ Writer

• Most Influential student in Sports

• Most Influential student in Fashion

• Most Influential student Model

• Most Influential student in Health Science

• Most Influential student in IT

• Most Influential student in Film Making

• Most Influential student in Music

• Most Influential student in Entrepreneur

• Most Influential Hall

• Most Influential student Event House

• Most Influential student DJ

• Most Influential SRC President

• Most Influential student Male MC

• Most Influential student Female MC

• Most Influential Tertiary Television Show

• Most Influential student Beauty Queen

• Most Influential Student Actor

Again we the organize will like to assure the general public that this years Ghana Tertiary Awards 2015 will see the winners get extensive mentorship and training in their various area of contributions in changing our Society aside the prizes and trophy from our Sponsors.

Eugene Nyavor

Written by Eugene Nyavor

Eugene Nyavor is the Founding Editor at Gh Links. A well bred journalist with a flair for entertainment, society and arts, He loves covering events and reporting personalities for the public consumption.

Reach me via Email: [email protected]

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