Ghana Prisons Service Aptitude Test Questions & Answers

Ghana Prisons Service Aptitude Test: Exams Questions & Answers
Ghana Prisons Service Aptitude Test: Exams Questions & Answers

For recruits of the Ghana Prison Service, here are the Ghana Prison Service Aptitude Test Exams Questions and Answers.

These test questions and answers are evaluated under the supervision of the Ministry of Interior.

Newly minted Ghana Prisons Service officers take exams at schools across the country and at Ghana Prisons Service processing stations.

You will be able to pass this stage of the recruitment process using our study guides and Aptitude Test Exams Questions & Answers.

In this article you will also find study resources that will help you prepare for the test.

Ghana Prisons Service Aptitude Test Scope & Curriculum Arears

If you wish to take the Ghana Prisons Service aptitude test, you will need a computer and to go to your nearest Ghana Prisons Service Careers Center.

Subjects mostly tested are:

  • General knowledge about the Ghana Prisons Service
  • Numeracy knowledge & Arithmetic reasoning
  • Literacy knowledge
  • General Science

Ghana Prisons Service Aptitude Test: Exams Questions & Answers

Find the principal which amounts to ¢5,500 at simple interest in 5 years at 2% per annum.

  1. ¢4,900
  2. ¢5,000
  3. ¢4,700
  4. ¢4,800

Evaluate [(0.14)² × 0.275] ÷ 7(0.02), correct to 3 decimal places.

  1. 0.039
  2. 0.358
  3. 0.033
  4. 0.308

In a class, 24 students read Physics, 21 read Mathematics and 9 read both Physics and Mathematics. If each student reads at least one of the two subjects, find the number of students in the class.

  1. 27
  2. 36
  3. 45
  4. 54

Write 57774, correct to three significant figures.

  1. 57800
  2. 57700
  3. 5780
  4. 578

What is the least value of m if 2³×3³×7×m is a perfect square?

  1. 7
  2. 21
  3. 42
  4. 63Factorize completely the expression

(h + 2k)² + 4k² – h².

  1. 8k²
  2. 2k(h + 2k)
  3. 2k(2h + 3k)
  4. 4k(h + 2k)

Evaluate in base two 11011 – 101

  1. 10010
  2. 10100
  3. 10110
  4. 10101

The length of a side of an equilateral triangle 🔼 is 10 cm. Find the height of the triangle 🔼.

  1. 11.18 cm
  2. 10.00 cm
  3. 8.66 cm
  4. 5.00 cm

Solve the equation 12 + 6/x = 9

  1. 3
  2. 2
  3. -2
  4. -3

If w = -3, x = 14, y = 17 and z = -2, evaluate [(x – y)³ + z²] ÷ w³

  1. 23/27
  2. 31/27
  3. -23/27
  4. -31/27

A function g is defined by g:x = (2x – 1)/x. For what value of x is g undefined?

  1. 1
  2. 0.5
  3. 0
  4. -0.5

In an examination, the sum of the marks obtained by Kofi and Ama was 81 and the difference was 17. If Kofi had a larger Mark, find Ama’s mark.

  1. 32
  2. 37
  3. 47
  4. 49

Prisons Service General knowledge Questions & Answers

What is the organization of the Prisons Service

Answer: The Prisons Service is composed of the Prisons Service general recruits and Prisons Service officers

When was the Ghana Prisons Service established

Answer: It was established in 1860 by the Colonial Government’s Prisons Ordinance and was promulgated in 1876 which gave birth to the Prisons Department in the Gold Coast.

What is the Prisons Service Service command structure

Answer: The Ghana Prisons Service command structure extends from the minister of interior in the government to commanders in the field.

What is the rank structure of the Prisons Service

  • Officer Ranks
  • Officer Cadet
  • Assistant Supt. of Prisons
  • Deputy Supt. of Prisons
  • Superintendent of Prisons
  • Chief Superintendent of Prisons
  • Assistant Director of Prisons
  • Deputy Director of Prisons
  • Director of Prisons
  • Deputy Director-General of Prisons
  • Director-General of Prisons
  • Junior Officer Ranks
  • 2nd Class Officer
  • Lance Corporal
  • Corporal
  • Sergeant
  • Assistant Chief Office
  • Chief Office
  • Senior Cheif Office
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What equipment has the Prisons Service

Equipment consists of older weapons of British, Brazilian, Swiss, Swedish, Israeli, and Finnish origin. The Ghanaian Prisons Service inventory gave the following equipment : FV-601 Saladin and EE-9 Cascavel reconnaissance vehicles; MOWAG Piranha armored personnel carriers; 81mm and 120mm mortars; 84mm recoilless launchers; and 14.5mm ZPU-4 and 23mm ZU-23-2 air defense guns.

Prisons Service General knowledge Questions & Answers For Prisons Service

When was the Prisons Service established

ANSWER: The Prisons Service was collectively established in 1860 by the Colonial Government

Who Is The Current Director-General of the Prisons Service

ANSWER: Isaac Kofi Eyir, acts as Director-General of the Prisons Service

What are the objectives of the Prisons Service?

ANSWER: To protect the public by:

Holding prisoners securely

Reducing the risk of prisoners re-offending

Providing safe and well-ordered establishments in which we treat prisoners humanely, decently and lawfully.

What are the Motto Of Ghana Prisons Service

The Prisons Service motto is “ safe custody, humane treatment, reformation, rehabilitation and re-integration of inmates”.

When did Ghana gain independence?

ANSWER: 6 March 1957

Which year was Ghana flag designed and who designed it?

ANSWER: The flag of Ghana was designed and adopted in 1957 and was flown until 1962, and then reinstated in 1966.

The Ghana flag was designed by Miss Theodosia

Ghana Prisons Service Literacy Questions & Answers For Ghana Prisons Service

Read the passage below, and answer question

Websites provide detailed, specific information on a wide variety of topics. Websites may offer objective information, or they may present a person’s opinion about a topic. Because web pages come from such a wide range of sources, it is vital that you evaluate the authority and the background of the Website before using or accepting any of the information presented.

  1. The author’s main purpose in the passage is to
  2. Caution on the use of electronic text
  3. Present sources of information
  4. Condemn the web information
  5. Commend electronic texts
  6. Which of the following sentences has the correct noun, pronoun and verb


  1. That bag is her’s but she has allowed the friend to take it
  2. That bag is hers’ but she have allowed the friend to take it
  3. That bag is hers but she have allowed the friend to take it
  4. That bag is hers but she has allowed the friend to take it

Which one of the following sentences uses the correct order of adjectives?

  1. I bought a pair of new, nice red rain shirts
  2. I bought a pair of nice, new red rain shirts
  3. I bought a pair of red, nice new rain shirts
  4. I bought a pair of new, red nice rain shirts

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