Nursing salaries in Ghana: A Look At The Nurses’ Salary Structure & Everything You Need To Know

Ghana Nurse Salary
Ghana Nurse Salary

This article serves to provide you with a detailed insight into Ghana Nurse Salary Structure, which includes information on the salary levels of nurses who have a certificate, diploma, and a degree.

The nursing profession is undoubtedly one of the most rewarding and respected professions in the world today, however in recent years many nurses, especially in Ghana, have been underpaid. It has not been easy for nurses to earn a living in Ghana over the last few years, and we have seen them engage in strikes repeatedly to achieve better pay.  In light of this, many people in Ghana wonder how much nurses in Ghana earn.  Even though the Ghanaian government has withdrawn the ban on qualified nurses traveling abroad to seek employment, the pay of nurses in Ghana has not improved substantially as a result.  The following information will give you an idea of the salaries of nurses in Ghana.

Ghana Nurse Salary

On average, Ghanaian nurses earn between GHC1,300 – GHC3,000 per month in the lower grade.  A senior Ghanaian nurse earns between GHC3,000 – GHC5,000 per month as a salary. The highest salaries are earned by professors, who are expected to earn far more than 96,000 GHC annually. 

  • Certificate nurses – They earn GHS 1300 monthly.
  • Diploma nurses – GHS 1600/1800 and above monthly.
  • Degree holders – GHS 2000/2200 per month.

Ghana Nurse Salary –Current Nurses Salary Scale in Ghana

Ghana Nurse Salary
Ghana Nurse Salary

There are a number of different sections attached to the salary of a nurse, some of which include a single spine, tax deductions, and others.  Below is a more detailed outline of their salaries in Ghana. This is the salary structure of Nurses (2021 payslip)

  • Single spine monthly salary = GHS 1,848.00
  • SS Market Premium = GHS 509.51
  • Covid 19 Income Tax Waiver = GHS 317.45  

Monthly salary of nurses without deductions (GROSS) Using the above information, an average nurse earns GHS 2,674.96 in gross salary. Deductions made Please find below a list of possible deductions that will be made from your salary.

  • SSNIT Contribution = GHC 101.64
  • Income Tax = GHS 317.45
  • Nurses Fund Union Deduction = GHS 50
  • Ghana Registered Nurses Association Dues = GHC 36.96

Main salary after deductions have been made

The average salary for a staff nurse in Ghana is approximately GHC 1,900 after all the above deductions are made.

How much does a nurse earn in a private hospital?

Hospitals in the private sector may pay their workers a little less or more than government workers. There are no definite figures on how much nurses earn in private health facilities, however, it is believed to range from GHS 1,000.00 – GHS 3,000.00 depending on the volume of work they undertake.

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