Geoffrey Holt Bio: Who was Hinsdale millionaire & what was his net worth?

Geoffrey Holt Bio: Who was Hinsdale millionaire & what was his net worth?

Geoffrey Holt was a man who lived a simple life in a small town in New Hampshire. He was a kind and generous man who was always willing to help others.

However, there was one thing that most people didn’t know about Geoffrey Holt: he was a multimillionaire.

Who was Hinsdale millionaire, Geoffrey Holt?

Geoffrey Holt was known by most of the 4,200 residents of his town as the caretaker of his mobile home park, Stearns Park.

He owned barely any furniture, shunned TVs and computers and slept on a bed with legs that went through his floor.

But his frugal existence belied a massive wealth, generated through smart investments.

Holt, who earlier in life had worked as a production manager at a grain mill that closed in nearby Brattleboro, Vermont, was savvy with his money and would find a quiet place to sit near a brook and study financial publications.

Geoffrey went to boarding schools and attended the former Marlboro College in Vermont, where students had self-designed degree plans.

He graduated in 1963 and served in the U.S. Navy before earning a master’s degree from the college where his father taught in 1968.

In addition to driver’s ed, he briefly taught social studies at Thayer High School in Winchester, New Hampshire, before getting his job at the mill.

He lived quietly in the town of Hinsdale for decades until passing in June at 82 years.

Geoffrey Holt net work and how he became a millionaire?

Holt had invested wisely and left behind $3.8 million to benefit the community in various areas such as education, health, recreation, and culture.

Holt confided in best friend and former employer, Smith, that his investments were doing better than he had ever expected and wasn’t sure what to to do with the money.

Smith suggested that he remember the town.

One of Holt’s first investments into a mutual fund was in communications, Smith said – well before the advent of cellphones.

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