Funny Face Involved in near-Fatal Accident; Car Damaged After Somersaulting in the air in Video

Funny Face
Funny Face

Ghanaian comic actor, Funny Face, has survived a near-fatal accident on the Accra- Kumasi Highway when an articulator truck crossed him.

He was on his way to Kumasi to visit his wife and children, including the twin girls, when the unfortunate incident happened.

In the video seen by online Funny Face is seen unhurt and narrating what happened to him.

According to him, an articulator truck crossed him, and before he could realise it, his car was somersaulting in the air for some time and finally landed heavily on the ground.

In the video, the car is seen damaged with some parts of it falling off.

The rims for three of the tires, for example, are broken together with the bonnet.

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The car went into the sky and I thought I was dead, man! he is heard saying in the video. I thought I was dead but God said it is not my time, he added.

Funny Face noted that it is the same car he has gone to choose at Emmanuel Adebayo’s house To him, if not for God, he would have been a dead man considering how the whole thing happened suddenly.

He went on to urge his listeners to take the worship of God seriously because God is good.

Watch Video Below

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