Fraser Michael Bohm: Who is Malibu BMW driver who crashed 4 Pepperdine University students?

Fraser Michael Bohm
Fraser Michael Bohm

Fraser Michael Bohm is a 22-year-old man from Malibu, California.

He is currently facing charges of manslaughter in connection with a fatal car crash that occurred on October 18, 2023.

Fraser Bohm, of Malibu, was a baseball player at Oaks Christian High School who graduated in 2020 and pitched in the 2018 Perfect Game Underclass All-American Games.

Perfect Game’s website notes its mission is to host the “highest quality amateur events while providing meaningful opportunities and information to players, families, MLB organizations, college coaches, and fans.”

In the crash, four Pepperdine University students were killed.

Who were the Pepperdine University students killed?

The crash occurred on October 18, 2023, at around 8:30 p.m. on Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu, California.

Fraser Michael Bohm was driving a BMW west on the highway when he lost control of the vehicle and swerved off the road.

The area of the crash has since been described by local residents as “Dead Man’s Curve” because of the high amount of accidents.

“Every six months there’s another accident,” a woman who lives in the area told KTLA.

“There was one three months ago, there was one four months ago, and they are all within these five to six houses.”

The BMW collided with three parked vehicles, which were then hit by four women who were standing on the side of the road.

The four women were pronounced dead at the scene. They were all seniors at Pepperdine University and were identified as:

  • Niamh Rolston
  • Alyssa Goldstein
  • Lindsey Gilstrap
  • Katherine Daly

Fraser Michael Bohm suffered minor injuries in the crash and was taken to a local hospital.

He was later released from custody.

The investigation

A spokesperson appeared to rule out street racing as playing a factor in the crash as no other car was involved.

 Witnesses said that Bohm was unscathed after the incident and attempted to leave the scene until onlookers apprehended him.

A sheriff’s office spokesperson said that a DUI investigation is also taking place.

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