Franklin Thomas Fox: Bio, age, career, wife, children & other facts about Megan Fox father

Franklin Thomas Fox
Franklin Thomas Fox

Franklin Tomas Fox is the father of actress Megan Fox – that’s what he’s known for.

Let’s get to know more about the celebrity father.

Who is Franklin Thomas Fox?

Franklin Thomas Fox is the father of celebrated actress Megan Fox.

He was born in Tenessee in the United States of America. He was a parole officer, an occupation he held dear till his retirement.

Franklin was born to Ewell T Fox and Vivian Vier. Very little is known about his parents and siblings (if he had any). Also, there is very little information about his educational life – where he had his high school and college education.

How old is Franklin Thomas Fox?

Franklin Thomas Fox
Franklin Thomas Fox

Franklin Thomas Fox was born on 7th January, 1951. That makes him 72 years as at the time of writing this article.


The only available information out there about Frankin Fox is that he was a parole officer. From all indications, he did enjoy his line of work as served for a very long time in his line of duty.

Who is the wife of Franklin Thomas Fox?

Franklin Fox was married to Gloria Darlene Cisson for close to two decades.

He met Gloria in 1971 and married her in less than a year. Their marriage was blessed with two beautiful daughters, Kristi and Megan Fox.

They divorced in 1989, three years after the birth of their second child Megan.

Gloria has been very secretive about her life. The only information about her life is that she remarried a man named Tony Tonachio.

She left with her new husband after she won custody of her two daughters.

There is no information about whether Franklin remarried.

Who are the children of Franklin Thomas Fox?

Franklin had two daughters with his former wife Gloria before their divorce.

They are Kristi Branim Fox and Meghan Fox.

Meghan Fox
Meghan Fox

Kristi is the older of the two kids.

She was born in 1974 and was formerly a counselor in schools until she quit. There is very little information about what she does now.

She married her first love Douglas Branim in 1995 and is blessed with 2 boys. They later divorced in 2018.

Megan Fox, the younger of the two was born in 1986.

The thirty-six year old ha featured in a number of movies in nollywood. She has also appeared in a couple of magazines such as Rolling Stone, Maxim, etc. she has also received accolades for her works, including two teen choice awards. She is currently engaged to singer Machine Gun Kelly after they got engaged in 2020.

Other interesting facts about Franklin Thomas Fox;

Thomas Fox married his first wife Gloria barely a year after courtship. He believed their love was worth their while.

He was absent from his daughters’ lives mostly after his divorce with their mother. He lost custody of his daughters after his divorce. He reconnected with his daughter Kristi when she had her first son.

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