Former HIV/AIDS Ambassador Joyce Dzidzor Curses Ghanaians With Schnapps & Eggs (Video)


Former HIV/AIDS ambassador, Joyce Dzidzor Mensah has lost her cool and in a new awkward video she posted, she’s seen raining curses on Ghanaians for accusing her of things she’s not done.

Joyce Dzidzor who was once an HIV/AIDS ambassador for the Ghana Aids Commission, came out in 2014 to say that she never had HIV and that she only did that to save lots of lies. Prior to her confession, Joyce had told us she contracted HIV after sleeping with a man in 2007 and even shot a movie ‘My Cross Roads’ to campaign and create awareness on HIV/AIDS.

Since her  revelation in 2014 there have been several twists and turns and as it stands now, no one knows truly if she actually has HIV/AIDS or not, but because of the inconsistencies in her stories, she’s not given several people the opportunity to actually believe her as some accused her lying to benefit from the ambassador role.

In this new video she posted today, Joyce Mensah cried that she’s been stigmatized and that has affected her, making things very hard for her.

She cried that she’s been tagged as a fraud, a mentally disabled person and also an HIV person and that stigmatization leave with her every single day of her life.

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Joyce who was half-naked in the video she posted, recounted how started as an Uber drive when the company first came into the country. According to her, she signed up to be an Uber driver so she could make money to fend for her family but it got to a point, when people noticed it was her, they canceled their trips.

Feeling pained about how she’s been treated unfairly, Joyce who was in her bra and a pink pant, poured libation as she sat in her room, raining curses on anyone who has written or said negative things about her.

She went on to even pour one for the Ghana Aids Commission for failing to pay her.

Pouring the libation and smashing an egg in her room, she prayed to the gods to kill anyone who’s accused her of being a fraud when she did what she did with good intent.

Watch the video below:


Written by Eugene Nyavor

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