Five Facts About Menstruation You Never Knew

Five Important Facts About Menstruation You Never Knew

Menstruation and labor are the most unwanted events in the lives of most women.Menstruation makes you uncomfortable, gives you mood swings that tends to make you more irritable and changes so much about you. Here are five facts about menstruation I bet you never knew.

1.Are you an asthmatic ?Well guess what.Getting your period can worsen asthma symptoms:
In the week leading up to your period, an increased sensitivity to allergens, together with a lower-than-normal lung capacity, causes between 19 and 40 percent of women with asthma to experience premenstrual asthma.
2. The sound of your voice changes during your period:
Did you know that the reproductive hormones produced by females during menstruation actually impact your vocal chords, altering your voice.Either to sounds very calm and tiny or otherwise.
3. The average woman has between 400 – 450 periods in her lifetime:
Between the average woman’s first cycle and menopause, she has at least 400 menstrual flows. So the young ladies out there complaining . How far have you gone.
4. You most probably bleed a lot less than you think:
On average, a woman only loses about 60 milliliters, or 2.7 ounces, of blood during each menstrual period . Which is just two shot glasses, or just more than 16 teaspoons.So stop thinking all of your blood is finished and you need blood tonic.
5. Women spend more money during your period:
Women spend more money and shopped more impulsively when menstruating than during other phases of their cycle.

Written by Eugene Nyavor

Eugene Nyavor is the Founding Editor at Gh Links.

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