Five Different Ways Ladies Behave When They Are On Their Period

Five Different Ways Ladies Behave When They Are On Their Period

Menstruation, as most of us know, is a period in a month usually lasting from 3-6 days, where a woman’s uterine walls shed and the body gets rid of it as blood, which comes out of the vagina.

This happens when the eggs produced during ovulation are not fertilized by semen. Thus, the womb clears it to prepare itself for ovulation again. Ordinarily, until pregnancy occurs, this cycle repeats itself and permanently stops when a woman reaches menopause.

Menstruation usually brings about hormonal changes. As a result, there’s most often than not, a change/ changes in a woman’s behavior during that time of the month.

We’ve all at some point, experienced one way or another, the way ladies behave during menstruation. Listed below are five of some of these behaviors women exhibit during menstruation:

THE WOMAN WITH LESSENED ABILITY TO BE TOLERABLE: During and/or before menstruation, a high percentage of women experience mood swings; these may include irritability, anger, or a combination. Due to the emotional debilitation that comes with hormonal changes during that time of the month, most ladies are unable to or less able to tolerate people/ certain behaviors during menstruation.

THE ‘’PERFECTLY’’ NORMAL WOMAN: This is somewhat rare, however, whereas some women are unable to be their normal selves when they’re menstruating, some women feel and behave in a perfectly normal way, devoid of mood swings, cramps, and other symptoms that come with menstruation.

Five Different Ways Ladies Behave When They Are On Their Period

THE EMOTIONAL WOMAN /“CRY BABY’’: During menstruation, some women go through an emotional rollercoaster more than others. The least thing can make this woman emotional. That could range from watching a video of cats playing, which could cause her to cry, to feeling sorry for herself and being a little depressed. This might be a feeling she has only during menstruation.

THE GLUTTON AND THE ONE WHO LOSES APPETITE: Some women eat anything and everything they can lay their eyes and hands on, when they’re menstruating. It might even be the case that when she’s not menstruating, she barely eats. Also, there’s the one who virtually eats little to nothing when menstruating. She might even be a person who has a decent appetite when she’s not menstruating.

THE SICK ONE: The normal body temperature of a human being in relatively good health is 36-37 degrees Celsius or 98 – 100 degrees Fahrenheit.  However, during menstruation, some women run a higher average body temperature, vomit and have little strength to get out of bed. These symptoms might make the woman feel and act sick when factually; all these symptoms are present only as a result of menstruation.

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