Exclusive Interview + Photos , Nolllywood Actress Calista Okoronkwo Talks To GhLinks About Relationship, Favourite Ghanaian Actor , Inspiration, Career & Other Things

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  Exclusive Interview + Photos , Nolllywood Actress Calista Okoronkwo Talks To GhLinks

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If you’ve been an avid follower of the Nigerian movie scene lately, you would surely not have missed seeing the beautiful Nollywood actress Calista Okoronkwo. With a great sense of style and a curvy body to go with, she always looks well put together and is one to watch out for.

In recent years, Calista has featured in hit movies such as ‘College girls’, ‘The Real Suspect ’, ‘Todays Women ,’ etc and award winning TV series Clinic Matters’,  which are getting good reviews and have earned impressive awards.

Calista, known as “Nurse TiTi”, was born December 3 into a  family with five siblings and the second child of her parents. She is an indigene of  Owerri Imo State. Below is an exclusive interview ( unedited ) with the star actress sent in to GhLinks today.

GhLink:Can you give us tips on how to be a success­ful woman?

CalistaTo be a successful woman,you must put God first in all you do. Acquire education because Knowledge is power. Be focused and do whatever you are passionate about.

GhLink :Tell us about your background?

Calista From a family of 5,first daughter and second child.

GhLink :How did it all start for you as an actress?

Calista Growing up,my mum watched lots of nollywood movies. This got me so attached to nollywood and I joined the drama society in my school. Even as a junior student,I was head of the society(awkward,I know). With time,the love for acting grew. After secondary sch,I would attend auditions and that’s how it has been. I started acting professionally in 2010.

GhLink :What was your debut movie and how many movies have you featured to date?

Calista My debut movie was College girls. I have starred in over 30 movies.

GhLink : Who are your role models in the movie industry?

Calista: Every one is a role model because all of my senior colleagues are amazing actors and actresses


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GhLink : How do you deal with your male admirers?

Calista No special way of dealing with male admirers . Every woman must be admired . I deal with it same way every normal girl would.

GhLink : Apart from acting, what else are you involved in?

Calista I’m into acting fully . It is my career.

GhLink : What has fame denied you?

Calista Nothing really. I do everything I want to do,whenever I want. God has made me happy,so nothing can deny me of that.

GhLink : The worst rumour you heard about yourself?

Calista None

GhLink : Which Ghanaian Male Celebrity do you have a crush with ?

 Calista I’m too close to most of them to have a crush on them. We are more like siblings. The likes of TooSweet Annan,Kobby Acheampong and Umarr Krupp are more like my brothers. 

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GhLink : Have you worked with any Ghanaian Actor / Actress before?

Calista: Yes. I have worked with lots of Gh actors/actresses. Names include Yvonne Nelson,Jackie Appiah,Martha Ankomah, Kalsoume Sinare,Moesha Boubong ,Lucky Lawson,Eddy Watson …the list is endless(haha).

GhLink : What is your favourite Ghanaian Movie and Why ?

Calista: Today’s Woman is my fav Gh movie. I played the role of a blind girl. It was really challenging as I played that role with my eyes opened whilst acting as if I couldn’t see.

GhLink : What more should your fans expect from you?

Calista: My fans should expect to see me as the new NURSE TITI on the popular tv sitcom,CLINIC MATTERS,as the new season would be showing soon(ohh…wait! It is showing already)

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GhLink : What advice do you have for young people looking up to you?

Calista: To every young person aspiring to be infront of the camera real soon…be focused and always ask God for direction. 

 GhLink : Last Words.

 Calista: Thanks to everyone who have supported me so far,my friends on Facebook,instagram,Twitter and everywhere else showing love…God bless you all. We will keep winning the awards as they come by God’s grace. To my very amazing fans…I love you all like KILODE!

Interview Conducted By Eugene Nyavor ( GhLinks )


Eugene Nyavor

Written by Eugene Nyavor

Eugene Nyavor is the Founding Editor at Gh Links. A well bred journalist with a flair for entertainment, society and arts, He loves covering events and reporting personalities for the public consumption.

Reach me via Email: [email protected]


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