Esmeralda Upton: Details of how a Texas woman,58, attacked a group of Indian women while hurling racist abuse at them

Esmeralda Upton
Esmeralda Upton

Esmeralda Upton, a Mexican-American woman from Texas, has been arrested after she was filmed attacking a group of Indian women, yelling racist abuse at them and saying: ‘We don’t want you here.’

Esmeralda Upton, 58, flew into a rage after she came across the group of four Indian women outside the Sixty Vines wine bar in Plano, Texas on Wednesday night.

What happened?

The barrage of racial slurs towards a group of women happened Wednesday night in Plano outside of the Sixty Vines Restaurant in the 3700 block of Dallas Parkway.

One of the women, Rani Banerjee, posted a five-minute video from the incident on Facebook, and it quickly spread across social media.

One of the women recording was on the phone with 911 throughout the exchange.

“She’s a white woman wearing a black dress,” the woman told 911.

“No, I am not white,” Esmeralda Upton said in the video. “I am Mexican! I am Mexican, and I paid my f**king way here!”

“We didn’t even talk to you. Why did you walk up to us to talk?!” one woman said.

“Because I hate you f**king Indians, that’s why!” Upton can be seen saying. “You guys come to our country.”

It’s not clear what started the incident and whether it started inside a business. That’s not seen on the video clip posted.

Upton was arrested Thursday on charges of misdemeanor assault and misdemeanor terroristic threats. Police say they are investigating it as a hate crime.

But at one point Upton was heard sort of trying to make an apology.

“You know what. You are right. Ma’am, I am sorry. I am sorry,” she said. “You know what, peace. Ok, f**k you! Peace. I overstepped my bounds.”

The woman recording the video told the 911 operator they don’t feel safe. That’s when Upton started talking about the women’s bodies.

“I am not going to hurt you,” Upton said. “Look at me. I am all of 100 pounds. You guys weigh well over 200.”

Less than two minutes later, an officer arrived and separated Upton from the group of women.

The arrest

The following day, on Aug. 25, Upton was arrested based on witness statements.

She was charged with assault bodily injury and terroristic threats.

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