Emma Price: 56 year old woman implants burst after flying to Turkey for boob job & tummy tuck

Emma Price
Emma Price

Emma Price, a 56 year old hairdresser has revealed how she is in constant agony after flying to Turkey for boob job & tummy tuck.

Emma Price, flew to Turkey for cosmetic surgery last month – but is now in extreme pain after the “botched” procedures.

The 56 year old hairdresser, who lives in Leeds, spent £4,850 on the surgeries after she found Meditravelist online.

She told Sun Online: “Everything seemed above board and everything. They seemed very professional.

“So I booked it all in – a boob lift and a tummy tuck. When I arrived there with my partner they were great with me.

“All of the staff were absolutely amazing until I handed over the money.

“As soon as I gave them the money it was as if they didn’t want to know me but I had no choice but to go ahead with the surgery.”

Emma had existing breast implants which she got in Belgium 12 years ago.

But once she went under the knife her surgeon claimed they had burst.

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She claims: “I was under anaesthetic and they had cut me open when they rang my partner and told him that one of my boobs was ruptured.

“But it wasn’t – because if it was ruptured before I was put under I would have known.

“The surgeons asked my partner did I want new implants put in or should they just take the existing ones out.

“My partner said ‘I don’t think she’d be happy if she woke up with no boobs’ so he said to put new ones in.”

Emma believes she was scammed and claims the doctors ruptured the implant themselves.

Once they put new ones she claims they wouldn’t let her leave the hospital until she paid them another £850.

She says she convince them to let her pay just £500 and that she would pay the other £300 when she got back to the UK – but she has not done this.

All together Meditravelist asked Emma to fork out £4,850 on the procedures.

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