Elizabeth Gibson is Kyle Benjamin Gibson’s Wife – Bio, age, children, and other facts

Elizabeth Gibson is Kyle Benjamin Gibson’s Wife
Elizabeth Gibson is Kyle Benjamin Gibson’s Wife

Kyle and Elizabeth Gibson met during their freshman year at college, and in 2010 they were married.

Kyle Benjamin Gibson is a successful professional baseball player with an impressive career so far. 

While it is generally difficult for baseball players to make a name for themselves at the start of their career, Kyle seemed to have it differently.

First, he was named to the Indiana All-Star team and recognized as an All-East player of the year while in high school.

Next, he was drafted by the Philadelphia Phillies in the 2006 Major League Baseball (MLB) draft, although he didn’t commit to them, he rather committed to the Missouri Tiger of the University of Missouri where he met his wife, Elizabeth Gibson.

He was soon drafted by the Minnesota Twins for the 2009 MLB draft and in 2013, he made his professional debut as an MLB player.

Through and through, he has had the loving presence of his wife Elizabeth.

Who Is Elizabeth Gibson?

Elizabeth Gibson is a native of St. Louis, born on May 6, 1998 to Randy and Leann Straatmann.

She’s a 5’1 former gymnast and wife of professional MLB player, Kyle Benjamin Gibson.

During her college years, Elizabeth Gibson was a gymnast and an exceptional athlete for the Missouri Tigers. 

She studied Nutrition and Fitness along with Psychology at Mizzou, before going to the University of Missouri, but even before college, she had been among the level 10 state championship teams and also won the bars and beam title in Missouri in 2005.

In 2006, Elizabeth sustained an injury that cost her a less active freshman year, but soon after her recovery, she became much more active.

She completed all 10 of the 13 possible meets for her college and gained a career high of 9.875.

This made her the most reliable member of the gymnastics team at her university.

More than being the wife to a successful professional MLB player, Elizabeth Gibson is a devout Christian. This is something she shares with Kyle.

While in college, both Elizabeth and Kyle were members of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA).

It was through this fellowship that they both got to know each other better, to see that they had a lot in common and would make the perfect match.

Elizabeth Gibson’s Age

Born on May 1988, the former gymnast is 34-year old.

Elizabeth Gibson’s Children

Elizabeth Gibson is Kyle Benjamin Gibson’s Wife
Elizabeth Gibson and Kyle Benjamin Gibson children

Elizabeth is a mother to three adorable kids, a son, and two daughters.

Their first child was a daughter, who was followed by their son, and in September 2019 they had their second daughter.

Other Facts About Elizabeth Gibson

In college, Elizabeth had several suitors but it seemed none of them checked the boxes as much as Kyle did. 

Both Elizabeth and Kyle were raised religiously, which groomed their shared desire to help others and give to the needy.

They work with several organizations and institutes to help the underprivileged with both economic, educational, and spiritual aid.

Also, one of her biggest pet peeves is going to her kid’s room to find everything not put in order. She made this known on a podcast with Chris Marlow in 2020.

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