Elianne Andam parents: What we know about Michael and Dorcas Andam

Elianne Andam parents
Elianne Andam parents

Elianne Andam parents have lovingly described her as the “light of our lives” before visiting the site of her death in south London.

Elianne Andam was named as the 15-year-old victim of the daylight attack on Wellesley Road in Croydon on Wednesday morning.

On Thursday evening, her parents, Michael and Dorcas Andam, appeared at the scene of the stabbing accompanied by about 20 family members and friends.

They stood behind a police cordon and next to a bus stop, where a stationary number 60 bus has been parked since the incident.

The family were touching each other’s shoulders in support, hugging and consoling each other, while some laid flowers alongside where it is believed she was stabbed, all under the gaze of dozens of photographers and camera operators before taking shelter in the Whitgift shopping centre.

Elianne Andam parents: What we know about Michael and Dorcas Andam

Elianne Andam parents
Elianne Andam mother

As mentioned above, Elianne Andam parents are Michael and Dorcas Andam.

Her mother Dorcas Andam is British NHS children’s nurse who had saved to send her daughter to a top private school to fulfill her dream of becoming a lawyer.

Elianne Andam Family Tree

Elianne was a part of a supportive family that deeply cared for her.

Elianne’s aunt, Marian, played a significant role in the family’s life, as she was the one who spoke on behalf of the family following the tragic incident.

She shared insights into Elianne’s personality and dreams, describing her as a lovely girl who enjoyed gymnastics and was passionate about caring for her hair.

Marian’s presence and her words of mourning and remembrance highlight the emotional support and unity within the family during this trying time.

While the specific details about Elianne’s extended family members remain undisclosed, the family’s actions and statements convey a sense of unity and solidarity.

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