Who is Eden Tirl? Biography, age, husband, career & other facts

Eden Tirl
Eden Tirl

If you were familiar with the Bill Cosby Show several years back, then this name might be familiar to you. 

Eden Tirl was a cast on the Bill Cosby Show several years back and has recently filed a case of sexual assault against the once popular Hollywood star that served a jail sentence for a similar offense and was released quite recently.

Let’s take a look at who Eden Tirl is.

Who is Eden Tirl?

Eden Tirl is an American actress.

She was raised in a predominantly white community in Minnesota.

She attended Stella Adler Conservatory/LA Advanced Tech.

She spent some time in Europe before coming to back to New York, USA in 1989 and joined the Bill Cosby Show when there was an opening. 

Our little research on her suggests that she did most of her acting on the Bill Cosby Show.

Very little is known about her parents and family.

How old is Eden Tirl?

There isn’t much information about her exact age. We can however estimate her age within the range of 39-49 years.

Is Eden Tirl married?

We can’t tell if she has a romantic relationship or whether she is married or not as no information about her love life is available online.

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Eden Tirl featured on the Bill Cosby show in the late 80s. She played cop in 2 episodes of the fifth season. Not much was heard about her afterwards.

Other facts about Eden Tirl

Eden Tirl
Eden Tirl

Eden Tirl, together with some five other women filed a fresh lawsuit against veteran Hollywood actor Bill Cosby. He was already serving a jail sentence for similar charges and was freed not long ago.

According to Eden, Bill Cosby approached her on a hallway and touched her backside and other private parts in an unacceptable way, telling her that she had to oblige for them to have intercourse. 

On why it took her this long to come out, she said she didn’t see the need before since Bill would be paying for similar charges with his jail term, but had to come out because his release according to her spelt danger for young ones in within his reach who needed protection.

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