Ed Sheeran shares funny experience while writing album in Ghana

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UK singer has shared a very funny experience during his time in Ghana where he wrote some of the songs on his latest album ‘Divide’.

While tasting a local Ghananian drink called shock, the singer got the shocker of his life. This is what he told Buzzfeed: “I went to Ghana in Africa, which was a wonderful country, and they make this drink called Shocker, which is vodka, pineapple juice, coconut juice, and rum, and then they soak an ounce of weed in it, and I didnt know this,”

“So, they said, ‘This is Shocker, go easy on it.’ And I was like, ‘Im Irish!’ And then I was just drinking loads of it.

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“And they’re like, ‘No, no, no, no, no!’ And then suddenly I was like, ‘Woooh.’

“So yeah, that was a crazy, crazy experience because I just ended up being kind of comatose for about six hours, just kind of sitting in a corner. Don’t try it at home – he recounts.

“I was just in a little box just kinda like, when do I get out of this box? I’m not a big a when I was younger I used to dabble, and I just can’t, I can’t do it anymore. ‘

“It just doesn’t agree with me. So yeah, it really didn’t agree with me then.” Ed says his best time in Ghana was with UK based Ghanaian singer Fuse ODG.

“The best experience was I wrote a song in Twi, which is the Ghanaian dialect, and I wrote that in Ghana at Fuse’s house with all of his mates.

“That was the most fun experience. Being in the studio with someone like Fuse it’s just a party the whole time.

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Written by Shadrach Annang

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