The eccentric way to achieve one district one factory is doable based on my 29 years of experience in North America rural and city communities.  I researched into how these communities have developed over the years, which is in line with His Excellency’s vision for Ghanaian rural and city development.  I am back for good with unconventional knowledge and passion to put a structure formation in place for ONE DISTRICT ONE INDUSTRY with less complexity, more efficiency and fastness. This will pave way to numerous conglomerate already interested to invest in His Excellency vision for Ghana District Industrialization.

There is also enormous opportunity in the foreign Ministry with a special committee setup to spearhead pilot domestic market operations program in foreign lands. This operation will assist in raising foreign cash reserves and to minimize our dependency on IMF and World Bank loans. 

I am also the author of a book titled, “Eccentric Governance in transforming Ghana’s Economy” which revealed the true state of how developed nations were constructed and how they continue to construct their economies at the back of foreign domestic markets.

The Proposed Structure of the District Industries as example

 This is how it will add value and synergy to the process of structuring ONE DISTRICT ONE INDUSTRY and the proposed one million dollars yearly capital expenditure for Infrastructure for Poverty Eradication Program (IPEP).  I will pursuit policy to organize and celebrate immediately:

  1. Organize a National Standardize One (1) day District Conference in all the districts to approve and Register (Name) District Industrial Group Incorporated e.g. Keta District Industrial Group Incorporated

Initial Membership:

  1. Ex-officio Board of Directors could be as follows:

     -District Chiefs

     -Assemblymen and women

     -MCE, DCE and MPS (Government)

     -Prominent Opinion and Business Leaders

     -Directors of IRS and Ministry of Education

     -Bank Managers and Head of Legal Firms

     -Future CEOs and Presidents of various companies under the Group

  1. Nine (9 )Exclusive member Executive board
  • Each member of the initial board will be awarded certain number of shares in addition to royalties to various chieftaincy stools.
  1. Advocate for an exception to the norms for each District Industrial Group Inc. to go public, float shares immediately at various banks with special rules, Ghana Stock Exchange (CEDI HOUSE), London, New York, European, Hong Kong, Australia stock Houses.
  1. An effective public education should be embarked upon to attract both citizens and friends of the districts home and abroad to buy shares in their respective District Industrial Group of companies Incorporated in Ghana.
  1. The various media and financial houses, Ghanaian ethnic Associations home and abroad, student and other vibrant groupings should be engaged profusely to champion the structural policy of one district one factory or industry of the government.
  1. There are also possibilities for districts to add a tremendous value to the proposed one million dollars yearly capital expenditure for Infrastructure for Poverty Eradication Program (IPEP) for every constituency by changing it to be an investment capital for the District Industrial Group Incorporated.
  1. This fund (IPEP) should support construction of needed initial infrastructure and facilities for various companies under the District Industrial Group Inc. initiative with the intent to earn dividend in the long-term to finance free basic education and Senior High School also the long-term principal and interest payment of the IPEP fund from Government.

Possible Group of companies Under Keta District Industrial Group Incorporated

  • Lagoon Shrimps, Crab and general fishing Company
  • Sea Fishing and Aquaculture Company
  • Refrigerated Warehousing and Transportation Company
  • Tomato and Vegetable Processing Cannery
  • Sugarcane farming and Liquor Processing Company
  • Mat weaving Company (e.g. mulching)
  • Salt Mining
  • Marketing Company
  • Attra tree farming and Dye Processing Company

Current Market and Problems

  • Seafood and Lagoon fishing and farming are supposed to be a booming business in the district. Currently not only the organization of the production which is the problem but also patronage which is limited mostly to community purchase power. There is a potential for year round activities that has a potential of yielding millions of Ghana cedis to the local economy if it is organized into a company and run as a business with export orientation.
  • Likewise, other raw materials (tomatoes, shallots, onions, pepper) are also limited to on the spot buying and consumption. But the situation is worse during bumper harvest leading to spoilage. Lack of adequate warehousing and processing during these favorable periods reduces market price.

Strength & Opportunities

  • The Keta District Industrial Group Incorporated will absorb much of the hurdle and failures in the fishing and farming small scale businesses, with ample opportunities in mass production, processing, and marketing that will yield dividends in the medium and long term. We have different target clientele for example, basic and senior high schools, district and regional, cum national traditional markets. The nearness’ of Togolese and the global markets also very attractive to export potentials which cannot be taken lightly.
  • The Fingerlings Project shrimp and crab egg hatcheries are the surest entities to be established to encourage aquaculture in Kome and Shime Lagoons in the Keta district. Mat weaving company in the district can also provide profitable and additional niche in the market with patronage from the agriculture sector. (E.g. mulching –soil covering)… be continued

Written by Shadrach Annang

Shadrach "Junie" Annang is a Digital Media Strategist and Content Creator at Gh Links- leading news and information platform in Ghana. He's the Co-Founder of Gh Links Media and Published Photographer. Connect with Junie on Twitter and Linkedin!


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