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EAAwards nominates Director Junie Annan’s ‘Y3 Y3 Dom’ for best music video

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Ghanaian music director/filmmaker, photographer and colorist, Junie Annan, has had one of his biggest music video productions ‘Y3 Y3 Dom’ nominated for best music video at this year’s Entertainment Achievement Awards.

A lot of times, artistes or their music videos are recognized in award schemes, however, we tend to forget and leave out the brain behind the music video that is being deemed worthy to receive the award.

The song, ‘Y3 Y3 Dom’, which has been one of the most trending songs in Ghana since mid last year, comes with a very interesting video that depicts lots of Ghanaian culture, specifically the Ashanti culture, with men dressed in the native warrior outfits -A concept that was generated by the exceptionally talented director, Junie Annan.

The video clearly explains the idea behind the song, which is basically the fact that there is strength in unity, hence, they cannot be defeated as they are a whole army with a united front.

Speaking on this nomination, Junie said, “It feels really great seeing my work go this far and be recognized for such a prestigious award. It would be more heartwarming if video directors were acknowledged for these works but all the same, I am honored because this is technically my nomination and so will the award be”.

‘Y3 Y3 Dom’, directed by Junie Annan, is a song by Kumerican rapper, Jay Bahd, featuring several other Kumerican artistes.

Shadrach Junie Annang is a professional in the field of music video production and he is also the brain behind videos like E-Choke, Player and Fever by S3fa, Loyalty and B3gye by D-Black and Pains by Mr. Drew, among others.

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