An Instagram model claims Drake put hot sauce in his used condom to prevent groupies from stealing his sperm

Drake hot sauce

A model recently made an allegation about Drake that was reported on by MTO News over the weekend, indicating that the rapper tried to stay one step ahead of s3xual partners who might want to have children with him.

According to the model, Drake put hot sauce in his condom which was used after they had s3x a few weeks before the media reports on Tuesday.

A story from All Hip Hop reveals that the model decided to retrieve the condom following intercourse, supposedly to impregnate herself, but was left shocked after finding a condom full of hot sauce.

According to that site’s account, Drake and the model were at a party and went back to his hotel afterward.

They smoked some marijuana and then engaged in consensual s3x.

After he went to the bathroom to dispose of the condom, the model allegedly sensed an opportunity and attempted to retrieve it – leading to the alleged cavalcade of events begging the question of whether Drake meant for the hot sauce to serve as a spermicide, or merely as a deterrent.

Though the premise of the story seems suspect, even reading like a Mad Libs session gone horribly wrong, the people of Twitter “rose” to the occasion.

Now, with the story trending on both Twitter and Instagram, gaining thousands of comments and likes in a short period of time, many are wondering whether there’s any scientific evidence about whether spicy sauce can actually damage sperm.

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