Dr. Leonard Hochstein Prices

Leonard Hochstein Prices
Leonard Hochstein Prices

We have compiled Leonard Hochstein prices below for different procedures he performs. 

Before you do, here are a few facts about Dr. Leonard Hochstein

Leonard Hochstein is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in Miami, FL.

The main purpose of Dr. Hochstein’s plastic surgery practice is to improve his clients’ looks so they will feel more confident and self-esteem.

Hochstein is highly qualified; he holds a doctorate in medicine from Louisiana State University Medical Center.

His expertise includes silicone, tummy tucks, breast augmentations, and liposuction, among others.

Health insurance does not cover the cost of your procedure at the Hochstein Clinic

Check out his prices below

Breast augmentation $3,500
Tummy tuck in Miami $3,200
Benelli lift $6,800
Boob implant surgery $5,200
Silicone breast augmentation $5,500
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Comparing Leonard M. Hochstein’s prices with those of Dr. Miami, they are a bit cheaper. 

His priority is to make surgery affordable to more people.

Moreover, Dr. Leonard’s prices have been slashed in order to protect patients against surgeons who are not certified by the American board of Plastic Surgery.

In the field of plastic surgery, only doctors with vast experience should conduct the practices.

You might be putting your life at risk if you go to a doctor just because his or her prices are low without understanding what he or she offers.

Low-cost treatments with little care are sometimes offered by doctors with less experience, which can result in medical complications.

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