Douglas Solomon: Details of how a 26 year old man committed suicide after bludgeoning his mother to death

Douglas Solomon
Douglas Solomon

Douglas Solomon, a 26 year old unemployed man and son of a retried New York City Supreme Court judge, recently committed suicide after bludgeoning his mother to death with a lamp.

Douglas Solomon, 26, was found dead and ‘butt naked’ from his family’s 16th floor apartment on Tuesday morning.

His 56-year-old mother Diane was found inside the apartment.

She had been beaten to death with a lamp shade.

Friends of Douglas reveal some details about him

Douglas Solomon
Douglas Solomon

Reason for the murder suicide remains has not been revealed yet, however friends told The New York Post he was aimless and living at home without purpose years after flunking out of Rhodes, a prestigious liberal arts college in Tennessee.

His mom had been ‘so proud’ of him for getting into the school, friends said.

‘He displayed a lot of signs of depression. He was not going out to clubs or doing much of anything.

‘He was anti-social…it sounded like he didn’t want to be reached out to.

‘You don’t want to ask what’s going on to a person who has nothing going on,’ one of his former classmates told The Post.

Another said the only possible explanation for the violent murder suicide was that ‘something snapped’ in him.

‘Something snapped inside of Doug. It must have been a 30-second lapse of judgment and his life changed. I can’t believe that any of it was premeditated.

‘He sees his mother unconscious and can’t live with himself. He didn’t want to rot away for 30 years in jail. He was such a nice kid.

Now, to be remembered for this, is awful,’ the friend said.

Where was Douglas Solomon’s father?

His father, retried NYC Supreme Court judge Charles Solomon was not at home at the time of the pair’s deaths.

The previous night, police sources say he and his wife had been discussing Doug’s future.

The 26-year-old did not seem to have a job and he was not studying. He had dropped out of Rhodes in 2014, during his freshman year, despite having a promising future in sports.

Written by K Oteng

K.Oteng is a reporter and editor for based in Accra-Ghana

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