Ghanaian women are boring in bed– DKB


Derrick Kwabena Bonney, popularly known as DKB, has emphatically stated that Ghanaian women are boring and very lazy during sex.

Making his point during an interview with eTV Ghana’s host, Adwen, the Love Doctor on ‘In Bed with Adwen’, DKB said;

“This is what I do most times when I am having adult conversations with them. I ask them what are some of the positions that put them in power, that they really like in the bedroom.


They tell me they like being on top but not for long because they get tired easily. I ask what other move and they’re like that’s all. Even this being on top, of you ask them to, they bounce only seventeen times, then they get tired”.

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In his opinion, Ghanaian girls know nothing except to be on top and even with that, there are different angles that they do not know about.

“Ghana women need to be more adventurous in sex. Their sex is boring. Even their moaning is boring. I don’t care about ‘some’. All of them are boring. They moan like phones on vibration”, DKB exclaimed in all seriousness.

Written by Eugene Nyavor

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