Dianne Ferreira: How Central Florida officer stole, used credit card of deceased person

Dianne Ferreira

A police officer from the St. Cloud Police Department in Florida, USA, named Dianne Ferreira was arrested for allegedly stealing credit cards belonging to a deceased individual.

The arrest followed an investigation that revealed Ferreira, who had been dispatched to investigate the victim’s death, took photographs of the victim’s credit cards and used her phone to electronically load them.

Ferreira reportedly used the cards to make personal purchases, which led to her arrest.

The charges against Ferreira include one felony count of fraudulent use of a deceased person’s identification.

Dianne Ferreira
Dianne Ferreira

The sheriff thanked the St. Cloud Police Department for help as Chief Douglas Goerke apologized to the victim.

“I have no tolerance for officers who violate our trust,” Goerke said. “This shocked and appalled me … She was arrested with her handcuffs. The badge she wore will be burned.”

He said she had no prior discipline.

A day after she was removed from her position, Ferreira resigned.

“This person’s actions are in no way a reflection of the St. Cloud Police Department,” Goerke said.

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