Demi Agoglia: How a Salford mother lost her life after Brazilian bum lift operation

Demi Agoglia surgery
Demi Agoglia

A 26 year old British woman identified as Demi Agoglia lost her life just days after undergoing a Brazilian bum-lift operation in Turkey.

Demi Agoglia, who was from Salford, Greater Manchester, is thought to have suffered multiple heart attacks caused by a fat embolism after doctors had said her surgery last Thursday was successful.

Demi was a mother of 3 children.

Ms Agoglia, who had a seven-month-old baby boy, reportedly complained of chest pains a few hours before she was due to return to Manchester, The Sun reported.

According to her family, she went back to the clinic in Istanbul for a check-up but had a heart attack in a taxi on the way to the hospital as her partner, Bradley Jones, gave her CPR in a desperate bid to save her life.

The young woman was taken into intensive care but was tragically pronounced dead on Monday.

The mother reportedly flew to Turkey having already had dental work which was botched as well as another surgery.

Demi Agoglia’s family and partner had tried to convince her not to go through with the bum-lift as they were concerned for her safety.

The father-of-four said: ‘It is tragic what happened. We are just in shock. She went to Istanbul to have it done.

‘She had previously gone to have her teeth done. No one wanted her to go out and have it done but she is one of those people.

‘Her partner is still out there and his dad has just flown out there to be with him.

‘If anyone is thinking of flying to Turkey for an operation I would say don’t do it! Even her boyfriend didn’t want her to do it. But she is 26 and has her own mind. Her mum didn’t want her to go out either.

‘We have been told that her boyfriend had to do CPR on her in a taxi.

‘We think they both went back to the clinic for a check up and that she collapsed in the clinic.’

He added: ‘They put her in a taxi with her partner. Something happened in the taxi. She couldn’t breathe.

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