Death prophecy has affected Shatta Wale’s libido – Maurice Ampaw

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Maurice Ampaw

Legal practitioner, Maurice Ampaw has advised celebrities who have been mentioned in death prophecies to take legal actions against the prophets since such prophecies traumatize targets and influence their livelihood.

In recent times, some prophets have prophesied that the spirit of death is hovering around some public figures and if they fail to do the needful, they would join their ancestors, abrantepa.com has observed.

Making a submission on Radio Univers’ mid-morning show, Brunch2Lunch on Tuesday, Maurice Ampaw said that death prophecies put persons in fear and affect their operations, hence, the need to sue.

20150223 152746
Maurice Ampaw

“When you come out to say Lawyer Ampaw has February to die, do you know the repercussions? You’ve spoilt my day and my month. I can’t satisfy a woman sexually because you’ve killed my libido,” he told host, Abrantepa. “It takes a free mind to be able to get an erection. You’ve denied me my sexual right.”

“As I speak to you right now, Shatta Wale is not of himself. From the day the prophecy was made, he went to pray; he wept at Ebony’s funeral. Do you know what is affecting him in secrecy?” the ‘showbiz’ lawyer queried. “Ask Shatta Michy if Shatta Wale is able to perform in bed. His performance has reduced. He is undergoing mental shock and trauma. Although he has openly challenged the prophets, inwardly, he is afraid because nobody is comfortable with death. He can’t sleep.”

A Kasoa-based prophet, Charles Dady, is reported to have prophesied that Shatta Wale will commit suicide out of frustration. His prophecy followed Shatta Wale’s threat to burn some churches if prophecies about his death by Prophet E. K. Mensah of the Christ Vision Prayer Ministry and Prophet Cosmos Walker Afram do not come true by December 2018.

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But Lawyer Maurice Ampaw asserts that it is out of place to make such pronouncements in public. According to him, people are unable to live a normal life after being told about a possible demise.

“How do you enjoy life? You enjoy life when you are not under any threat, right? But the moment there is threat and fear, that right to life and enjoyment is curtailed so you can go to the human right court and sue… It creates some sort of stigmatization on your life. You’r businesses can even go down,” he averred.

Clearing doubts about his stance on prophecies, Mr. Ampaw said, “You are a prophet. Nobody says do not prophesy; when you get the revelation, call the person. The Bible says God reveals to redeem so the person can then confide in you on what to do.”

Written by Eugene Nyavor

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