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David Fullard video: Details of how Charlotte bus driver, and passenger got into shootout on moving bus

Driver David Fullard video

A shocking video shows the moment a Charlotte bus driver, David Fullard and passenger opened fire on each other with the bus still in motion.

The confrontation erupted after a disagreement over an unauthorized stop, leading to a heated exchange that quickly spiraled out of control.

This post delves into the incident, providing a comprehensive account of the events that unfolded on that fateful day.

The Confrontation Unfolds

The confrontation took place on May 18 when Omarri Shariff Tobias, a 22-year-old passenger, approached David Fullard, requesting an unauthorized stop in between the designated locations.

The tension escalated as Tobias challenged Fullard with provocative remarks, daring him to physically engage.

What transpired next was a chilling display of violence as Tobias brandished a gun, seemingly aiming it at David Fullard, who promptly retaliated by drawing his own firearm.

Watch David Fullard video below

Chaos and Injuries

As the shootout ensued, bullets shattered the Plexiglas partition of the driver’s cab, creating a scene of chaos and panic among the passengers.

Two individuals sought cover, fearing for their lives amidst the exchange of gunfire.

Tragically, both Fullard and Tobias sustained injuries during the altercation. Fullard suffered a gunshot wound to the arm, while Tobias was shot in the abdomen.

Despite their injuries, both individuals managed to survive and are currently in recovery.

Accountability and the Aftermath

The incident raised serious questions regarding the safety measures and protocol within the Charlotte Area Transit System.

Following an investigation, it was revealed that Fullard had failed to deescalate the situation appropriately and had violated the policy that prohibited employees from carrying firearms while on duty.

As a result, Fullard has been relieved of his position as a bus driver.

Brent Cagle, the Interim CEO of the Charlotte Area Transit System, expressed the organization’s strong stance against weapons on their vehicles, emphasizing the commitment to passenger safety.

Perspectives on the Incident

In defense of his actions, Fullard’s attorney, Ken Harris, shed light on his client’s fear for personal safety.

Harris highlighted the recurring sentiment among many of his clients, who strive to fulfill their job responsibilities while longing to return home unharmed.

Such accounts serve to underline the complex and often precarious nature of occupations that entail public service and interaction.

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