Dahbia B: Woman, 24, who ‘raped and tortured’ girl, 12, ‘boasted about selling child’s body parts after stuffing remains in case’

Dahbia B
Dahbia B

Dahbia B, a 24-year-old woman who ‘boasted about selling body parts’ has been charged with the murder, rape and torture of a 12-year-old girl whose throat was slit before her mutilated body was stuffed in a suitcase in Paris.

Dahbia B, a homeless immigrant to France originally from Algeria with ‘extreme psychological problems’, appeared before examining magistrates in Paris after she was arrested in connection to the gruesome death of Lola Daviet, 12.

Lola Daviet’s body was found bound and gagged inside the suitcase close to the block of flats where she lived.

It comes after chilling CCTV footage shows both the alleged murderer and her victim next to the block of flats where Lola lived.

Lola’s mutilated body was later found near the building, in the city’s 19th arrondissement, where she lived with her parents Delphine and Johan.

Dahbia B boasted about selling body parts

An investigating source said: “The suspect had boasted about selling body parts.

“Evidence suggests that the girl was taken into the basement of the flat, where she was tortured, and raped, before being strangled and having her throat cut”.

The source added: “The suspect is believed to suffer from serious psychological problems.

“She was living on the street, but had friends and family in the Paris area.”

A judicial source confirmed that Dahbia B was in custody and charged with “the murder of a child under 15, rape, and torture.”

A 43-year-old man is also still in custody in connection with making a car available to Dahbia B. over the weekend.

Dahbia B

He too faces charges in connection with the atrocity, according to a judicial source.

Dahbia B. has been remanded in custody pending trial, the source added.

Lola’s corpse was then found stuffed in a suitcase with the numbers 1 and 0 scrawled across her chest.

A post-mortem examination on Saturday concluded that Lola died of asphyxiation following a physical attack that included a knife being used to cut her body.

Her parents had reported her missing on Friday, after fearing she had been kidnapped when she failed to return from school.

CCTV footage from the building where Lola lived shows her carrying a schoolbag as she walks into the building with Dahbia B.

The security camera footage was shot at 3.20 pm on Friday, and witnesses have also told police about seeing Lola and Dahbia B. together.

One resident said he saw the suspect dragging the suitcase around two hours prior to Lola’s disappearance.

He said: “We saw her go into the building, and she was dragging the suitcase with her. She did not seem right in the mind.”

Others saw the suspect drinking a coffee and eating a croissant as she appeared to “try and work out what to do next”.

The girl’s father, who is a caretaker for the building where the 12-year-old disappeared from, had started to worry when the little girl failed to return home after leaving school at 3 pm on Friday.

By 5pm, her worried mother went to the police station to report her missing.

She posted an image of Lola, with a message saying: “Our daughter Lola was last seen at 3:20pm in the company of a woman we do not know in our residence.”

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