Courtney Ann: How a Texas-based mother of 2 quit her cleaning job to launch her Onlyfans career

Courtney Ann
Courtney Ann

Courtney Ann, a mother-of-two from Texas, has revealed how she and her husband quit their job to launch their Onlyfans career.

Courtney Ann, 39, and her husband Nick, 42, quit their jobs and now make nearly half a million dollars a year from her racy snaps on OnlyFans.

The couple have launched the account “Texas Thighs,” where they post Courtney’s sexy snaps.

Courtney Ann who boasts 1.2 million Instagram followers, told NBC News: “In the old days, the men made the money off the women. “It’s all so new, this influencer-slash-model thing.

“Under taxes, I’m classified as a model, but it’s not the normal sense of the word.

“I’m a self-made entrepreneur. I run my own Maxim.”

Courtney, a former cleaner and Nick who previously worked as an account manager say the only negative side is the reaction of their close environment.

Courtney’s parents were horrified by her change of profession and told her “she’ll go to hell”.

She said that one of her best friends asked her multiple times if she has to do porn while a family member asked whether she was allowing her daughters to post similar photos.

Nick who is a full-time photographer and social media co-manager said: “Both our parents are not church people, but all of a sudden they’re spiritual and sending us Bible verses.”

But the couple say they are happier than ever with their new lifestyle.

They can now afford a five-bedroom house in the suburbs and luxury holidays to Disney World with their two teenage daughters.


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