Discount shopping is here! Coupons Technologies launches Ghana’s first e-coupons website


Coupons Technologies, Tema, has announced the launch of its maiden product, COUPONS.COM.GH, a website where discount shoppers can find and download e-coupons to the best restaurants, hotels, cinemas, shops and other entertainment spots across the country. The website, the first of its kind in Ghana, presents businesses an opportunity to market their products and services through enticing discounts and deals.

Worldwide, coupons have been used by businesses to boost sales, acquire new clients, clear out old stock, and reward customer loyalty. A survey conducted by Coupons Technologies revealed that over 80% of Ghanaian shoppers are influenced by discounts when deciding where to shop and how much of a product to buy. It was also discovered, that the overall happiness of consumers is higher when they buy products or services at a reduced price.

How it works

The platform provides an interface for registration both as an ordinary user looking to download coupons, and a business owner. Registration is free. To create a profile for your businesses, you need to sign up as an owner. You can then create a page listing in less than five minutes through the add a place feature on the website. Once a place is added, you can then proceed to create coupons whenever a promotional campaign is required. A listing for your business on COUPONS.COM.GH enables people to more easily find your place through search engines like Google.

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For users, the idea is simple: COUPONS.COM.GH has gathered together all the cool restaurants, shops, hangouts, event centers, etc. in one easy to use platform. All you need to do is sign up, and browse through the coupons, places and events available. Users can also rate and review places where they have visited before, providing useful feedback to both potential clients and the business owners as well.

Being the first such e-coupons platform in Ghana, the owners are very excited about the revolution in retail and the hospitality market that COUPONS.COM.GH is envisioned to bring. Christian Dziwornu, the CEO of Coupons Technologies, urged business owners to take advantage of this website to promote their products online and increase sales.

To sign up your business, kindly visit https://coupons.com.gh/owners/sign_up or call 0203581800, 0542989431 for assistance.coupons 1

Written by Shadrach Annang

Shadrach "Junie" Annang is a Digital Media Strategist and Content Creator at Gh Links- leading news and information platform in Ghana. He's the Co-Founder of Gh Links Media and Published Photographer. Connect with Junie on Twitter and Linkedin!

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