Composing campaign songs is just business – Bisa Kdei

Bisa Kdei
Bisa Kdei

Bisa Kdei, has stated that musicians using their talents right during campaign season is just business that should not have a negative effect on their careers.

Sharing his opinion during an interview on YFM, the artiste said, this practice is just business to him and believes it is something the fans should easily understand.

In light of the heated campaign atmosphere leading to the December 7th elections, some musicians have decided to use their creative ability to show support for their favourites through music.

“For me, sometimes you have to see it as a business. The fans must sometimes understand that,’ he said.

He, however, agreed that the problem arises when the musician after creating the music goes ahead to campaign openly for the political party, mounting platforms and making speeches.

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“What really brings the problem is campaigning for a party after you have done a song for them. That is where the problem is.”

“If a party approached me and asked me to do a song for them for an amount that I think it is good for me, I see that as a business. Why not? That will work for me.

“It’s business. You are getting paid. It is just like being billed for a show. Depending on the contract, I can even do songs for two different parties,” he added.

Bisa Kdei also did not fail to mention that though some musicians will have their careers suffering after openly endorsing a particular candidate, other would flourishing following the endorsements.

Written by Eugene Nyavor

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