Colton Valdez: Man killed while defending his mother in Walmart parking lot

Colton Valdez

Authorities in North Carolina have announced that no charges will be filed in connection with a fatal shooting that occurred earlier this week in a Walmart parking lot.

According to the Garner police department, the incident took place at the Walmart located on Fayetteville Road, where Colton Valdez was shot and killed on Tuesday.

Valdez’s family reported that an altercation unfolded between him and the individual responsible for his death.

Allegedly, the man was engaged in a heated exchange, including cursing and yelling directed at Valdez’s mother as she attempted to maneuver her vehicle out of a parking space. Valdez intervened in the situation.

During the confrontation, Valdez brandished a BB gun. In response, the other individual retrieved a handgun, reacting to the sight of the weapon, and subsequently discharged it, fatally shooting Valdez.

The shooter stayed at the scene and cooperated with police in their investigation.

The victim’s mother, Kathy Valdez, said Colton Valdez was shot defending her.

According to the Wake County District Attorney’s Office, the shooting was justified.

Authorities said the man who killed Colton Valdez believed the BB gun was a real gun that threatened his life.

Therefore, he had a right to protect himself under the law and would not face criminal charges.

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