Who is Cindra Ladd? Biography, age, husband, career & other facts

Cindra Ladd
Cindra Ladd

We get to discuss Cindra Ladd, wife of the late movie actor and producer Alan Ladd Jnr.

Let’s get to know her; her biography, age, a little about her late husband, how far she went with her career and other interesting facts about her life.

Who is Cindra Ladd?

Cindra Ladd is an American born former movie executive well known as the wife of late American actor Alan Ladd.

She was married to her till he passed away aged 84.

Very little is known about her place of birth, parents and nuclear family.

There’s also nothing on her education, but we’ll be sure to update you should we gather more soon.

How old is Cindra Ladd?

Cindra Ladd
Cindra Ladd

There’s very little information about her age as we can’t place a finger on her exact date of birth.

However, we can estimate her age to be in the 70s.

Who is Cindra Ladd’s Husband?

The late Alan Ladd Jnr, popular to many as Alan Walbridge Ladd was the husband of Cindra Ladd. He was born on 3rd September, 1913 in Hot Springs, Arkansas. 

He moved around with his mother, first from Arkansas to Oklahoma City, then from Oklahoma City to California in the 1920s.

He then enrolled in North Hollywood High School where he took active part in swimming and diving. 

He got his breakthrough from acting in the 1940s and has featured in several films in the past, such as ‘This Gun for Hire’, ‘The Glass Key’ and ‘Whispering Smith’ all of which he acted alongside colleague actress Veronica Lake.

He died accidentally in January 1964 after a combination of alcohol, barbiturate and two tranquilizers. 


Cindra Ladd has formerly worked as an executive in the Hollywood movie industry.

Very little is known about what she does now, except for the fact that she is very much involved with charities in Los Angeles.

Other interesting facts about Cindra Ladd

Cindra married Alan Ladd in 1985 in a romantic wedding.

The couple shared three children together; Kellian, Tracy and Amanda.

She has remained private about her life and was in the limelight most often because of her husband Alan Ladd Jnr.

Cindra is estimated to be worth 500,000 dollars as at 2022.

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