With the onset of peplum styled clothing, the fashion scenario has changed. What with  so many styles to choose from, we are in fact spoiled for choice. However caution should be exercised when choosing a particular peplum style. The cut and shape of the peplum style as well as the level at which the peplum sleeve is resting can impact the physic and image of the wear.

There is for a example, the length of the frills to consider as well as the style of the peplum. These factors enable us to identify what type of peplum style of skirt to choose from that this style of peplum skirt will make it appropriate for a lady with large stomach. This is because the style trendy and long length of the peplum style can and will enable her stomach to hide under the frills and pencil style  nature of the skirt will give her slimmer silhouette.

Looking at the above style you will notice that peplum  length of this skirt is much shorter than the previous skirt. This of course makes it appropriate for a lady with a small protruding stomach or alternatively a lady with a flat stomach. The folder angle of the peplum style will add some weight on the hip area of the wearer thereby making the hips look wider. So ladies hips can also wear this  particular style.



We observed that this particular style s all about the side peplum. The basic aim of ths style is to maximize the hips to make it look fuller. It also has a flowery pattern making it appealing and feminine as well. The size of the peplum on the sides can be adjusted to make it bigger or smaller depending on the size of hips of the wear. Ladies with small hips can capitalize on this style to make them look good and presentable.

I do believe that you now have what it takes to  go out there and choose the right peplum for your shape. Only you have the power to be as pretty and fashionable as you want to.

Written by Eugene Nyavor

Eugene Nyavor is the Founding Editor at Gh Links.

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