Who is Choi Si-Hun on Singles Inferno and what’s his age?

Choi Si-Hun
Choi Si-Hun

In addition to being a cast member of the Netflix series Single’s Inferno, Choi Si-Hun is also a model who is extremely popular on Instagram.

Currently, Single’s Inferno, one of Netflix’s top cutting edge reality dating shows is the hottest new thing in the world of dating. 

The show essentially involves contestants on a deserted island for the entire season in the hope of finding their ideal love partner.

Presently, there are nine contestants, but it appears that a new contestant will join the cast in episode five. 

Among the nine present participants, Choi Si-Hun is one of them.

Choi Si-Hun’s dream and quest for love are responsible for his decision to appear on this show. 

What are you looking forward to seeing this Korean man bring to the show?


Due to the fact that we do not know his exact birthday, we assume Choi Si-Hin is probably in his 30s early.


 Si-Hun has not officially disclosed what he does, but taking a look at his Instagram account, it appears that Si-Hun is involved in some kind of business venture.

To be more specific, he has a business that deals with headwear, and he has even created a separate Instagram account solely dedicated to his headwear items. 

Further, scrolling through the Korean man’s posts reveals that he is a model as well. 

However, no further information is available regarding his career.


With a height of exactly 5 feet 7 inches, Choi Si-Hun may not have the ideal height, but the adorable smile that he has on his face is enough to captivate women of all ages. 

As part of the show, Choi Si-Hun expressed that he wants his better half to be like his idol and that he hopes they become a great couple.

 Do you think he will leave the island catching his partner’s hands or will leave the island all alone?

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Choi Si-Hun’s Relationship History

Choi Si-Hun’s ascendance has been rapidly fueled by the success of Netflix’s hit show, Single’s Inferno, in which he casts.

In any case, his appearance on the show has definitely been one of the most positive catalysts for him and brought him maximum exposure with a large number of fans.

A great deal of curiosity and desperation now surrounds Choi’s life, as most people are interested in knowing his past love life and ex-girlfriend.

Obviously, the Korean man has dated someone in the past and has had several relationships because love is something you find when you explore.

His exploration of finding his loved one has brought him to the reality show, and that hints, Choi Si-Hun doesn’t care about what he had in the past.

Therefore, Si-Hun has probably deleted or archived all his Instagram posts that were somehow related to his past love life.

Maybe, he is in the process of moving on, and giving a new rise to his love life, he has made his entry to Single’s Inferno.

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