Check Out Photos From Miss Malaika Ghana 2017 Auditions

Miss Malaika
Miss Malaika

Check Out Photos From Miss Malaika Ghana 2017 Auditions

The First round of auditions for the 15th edition of the Miss Malaika Ghana pageant came off on Saturday,July 29th at the Tomreik Hotel, East Legon.

Hundreds of young ladies thronged the scouting venue to face the panel of judges that comprised former Miss Malaika-Ghana queens,Eirene Binabiba, Miss Quartey, Anita Akuffo, and Radio and Tv personality Berla Mundi.

The ladies, whose ages ranged from 18 to 25, were expected to display inner and outer beauty and intelligence, especially the ability to think on one’s feet and answer questions brilliantly.

The judges also looked out for boldness, eloquence and talents such as good public speaking abilities, dancing and singing.

One’s knowledge of current affairs also attracted some pluses.As usual, some of the “wannabe” beauties displayed a high level of intelligence and also showed off their fine physical features and inner qualities.

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More than 70 of them meet the judges’ expectations and thus qualified for the next round of the auditions.

According to the organisers, Charterhouse, 16 ladies will be selected to compete for the crown “and also have a tremendous transformation of their lives as well as numerous opportunities.”

“The Miss Malaika pageant is indeed a school for the young ladies who go through it. Even those who do not emerge winners end up with very important life skills that propel them to greater event’s heights in all fields of endeavour,” the event’s Director, Miss Apefa Nfodjo said.

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