Single Mom Narrates How She Slept with Snake and Ate Human Flesh

Cecilia Wambui
Cecilia Wambui

Cecilia Wambui, a 26-year-old mother of one has recounted how being born in a poor family forced her to do all manner of things including sleeping with snakes, eating human flesh, having sex with over a hundred men, and getting married five times, all ages 17 and 25.

Cecilia Wambui confessed during an interview on Radio Maisha Morning Show.

She explained to the show host Emmanuel Mwashumbe that poverty forced her to commit satanic rituals to attract rich men.

I was 17, and in Form Four when I met a driver who made a pass at me. Coming from a very poor family, I was impressed that he owned a TV, gas cooker and radio. I eloped with him but we broke up within three months. I was pregnant for him but I terminated the pregnancy,” Cecilia Wambui recounted.

Aside from having slept with over a hundred men between the ages of 17 and 25, Wambui revealed that she lost count of abortions she underwent after the first one.

The young woman further disclosed that in her attempt to seek help, she ended up getting spiritually imprisoned by a satanic church which forced her to sleep with evil spirits, snakes and eat human flesh.

“I sought to get saved and was introduced to a fake church where I used to sleep with spirits. I could just sit and find myself in mortuaries and burials.

“I joined the church in February and didn’t feel the need to sleep with men as spirits would satisfy my needs. It got to a point where I was addicted and wanted to see gory images like dead bodies being washed in the morgue,” she added.

According to Cecilia Wambui, the pastor of the church brainwashed her and forced her to marry a church member who she barely knew.

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