CCTV Footage Of James Town Bullion Van Robbery Suggests It Was An ‘Inside Job’

CCTV Footage Of James Town Bullion Van Robbery Suggests It Was An ‘Inside Job’

An exclusive CCTV Footage has emerged which appears to suggest that the James Town Bullion Van Robbery incident might have been an inside job.

The said robbery incident, which occured at Adedenkpo, a suburb near James Town, left a young Police Officer and a civilian nearby dead.

The CCTV footage, which is currently under scrutiny by state security agencies show how the criminals executed their well-planned operation strategically.

The way and manner in which the criminals were on motorbikes waiting for the bullion van appears to suggest that they might have been tipped off by an insider.

Exclusive information available to Theghanareport indicates that the gang started trailing the white MON-TRAN vehicle shortly after take-off on Monday, June 14.

The six robbers on three motorbikes followed the vehicle for several minutes around town before pouncing on the occupants at Adedenkpo, a suburb of Jamestown in Accra.

At 11:52 am, they were captured around the Bishop Bowers Junction, heading to Accra at a safe distance behind the bullion van.

Their movements seemed to have been timed according to a plan.

The bikers interspersed with about seven commercial and private vehicles in a way that raised no suspicion along the route of the bullion van.

Road users were going about their normal activities along the stretch since it appeared the eventual assailants were ‘okada’ operators with pillion riders.

A little after 12 pm, the van made a turn at the Korle Bu Junction and drove across the Korle Lagoon bridge towards Jamestown.

At a traffic stop at Adedenkpo, the bullion van halted, and the lead motorcycle bypassed the car.

The others followed, and they eventually sandwiched the bullion van at a crowded area where they unleashed their deadly attack.

In the process to rob the van of the cash contents, they shot the police escort dead on the spot.

A young lady, Afua Badu, who witnessed the incident, was not spared by the ruthless squad.

The bullion van driver sustained severe injuries while two ladies at the back of the van managed to escape unhurt.

A few minutes later, the people in the vicinity were seen fleeing in different directions without paying attention to oncoming traffic, to save their lives.

The three motorcycles were seen moving at top speed from the scene amidst indiscriminate firing of gunshots.

They were spotted again at Korle Bu Junction at about 12:08, as they escaped with their booty in the direction of the Bishop Bowers Junction, video shows.

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