What is the name of the Capitec Bank near me? Branches, bank code, ATMs

Capitec Bank near me
Capitec Bank near me

The purpose of this article is to provide you with the most up-to-date information about Capitec Bank near me, Branches, bank code, ATMs, and everything else you need to know.

Established in 2001, Capitec Bank is a South African financial services provider offering personal banking solutions for its customers. 

Capitec Bank now has more than one million clients and is the second-largest provider of personal banking services in South Africa. 

It offers an enjoyable banking experience for both individuals and businesses through its financial platform. 

The company’s vision is to provide its customers with financial freedom and adequate engagement suited to their needs and requirements.

Capitec banking 

Getting financial services with Capitec is convenient and quick. 

Whether it is a new account opening, a debit card, or any other financial services needed, the offer at the financial institution has been simplified. 

By using simplified banking, or remote banking, a consumer can manage their financial affairs from the comfort of their own homes.

Through the newly launched Capitec Bank app available on the Apple App Store, you now have the capability to conduct remote banking.

What are Capitec Bank’s remote banking requirements? 

The simplified/remote banking concept means that anyone with a smartphone, South African identification details, and a valid phone number/email can open an account from anywhere by downloading an application. 

By using the application, it is possible to apply for financial assistance without having to fill out any paperwork. 

What are the services offered on Capitec Bank’s login to the application? 

With this application, you will be able to access your financial services at your convenience, in a safe and secure manner. 

Financial services achievable on the bank application include; 

  • Capitec internet banking 
  • Capitec cash deposit 
  • Moving debit orders
  • Activating a virtual card allows an individual to have a Capitec card without having to carry a physical credit card in order to make financial transactions or payments. It is possible to load the card digitally and use the card as needed for transactions. 
  • Financial budgeting 
  • Allowance for payments to people and other accounts 
  • The allowance to access account balances bank statements

What is the nearest Capitec Branch near me? 

Capitec Bank near me
Capitec Bank near me

Those who choose to visit a Capitec Bank branch physically have a variety of convenient branches available around South Africa. 

Those who do not know where to find a Capitec Bank or Capitec ATM can still seek assistance if they are not familiar with the location. 

Using the bank’s website, you can type in your area or the name of the branch and you will be presented with the necessary information. 

A filtered search can also be performed based on the exact details you need.

What are the trading hours for Capitec Bank? 

Generally, the trading time for banks that have physical branches is different on weekends and during the weekdays. 

A limited number of Capitec branches were available for emergencies during the COVID-19 pandemic to answer any banking or emergency needs that may arise. 

Here are the operation hours: 

  • Weekdays 

Monday – Friday: From 8 am to 5 pm. 

  • Capitec working hours weekend 

Saturday 8 am to 1 pm. 

Sunday 9 am to 1 pm.

Capitec’s contact details 

The bank can be reached by the following contact details if you need assistance or have any questions: 


Customer care contact number: +27-86-010-2043 

Bank fax address:+27-21-880-1845 

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