Cameron Boatman, Tim Furbee: Facts about Jimbo’s Auto explosion victims

Cameron Boatman, Tim Furbee
Cameron Boatman, Tim Furbee

Tim Furbee, David Beaver, and Cameron Boatman have been identified as the victims of Jimbo’s Auto explosion victims.

All three were identified Wednesday evening.

The identifications came before investigators officially released the names, though many in the small community knew through word of mouth who was inside Jimbo’s Auto when an explosion rocked the neighborhood, fire consumed the building, and a large column of smoke rose into the sky.

Cameron Boatman – 19 years

Boatman’s mom Krystal was too emotional for an interview about her son’s death, but provided WCPO with several pictures of him.

The loss of her first-born son has brought Krystal to tears off and on since she first learned of his death.

He was only 19.

David Beaver

Beaver’s sister-in-law described him as a man who leaves behind a wife, a 6-year-old daughter, and a 9-year-old son.

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