Who was Burt Templet? The events leading up to his death

Burt Templet
Burt Templet

The latest addition to Netflix’s ever-expanding catalogue of true crime series, I Just Killed My Dad, arrives on the streaming service on 9 August.

The true crime series is based on the case of Anthony Templet, who shot his father Burt Templet, three times through the head before phoning the police and immediately confessing.

Who was Burt Templet?

Burt Templet
Burt Templet

Burt Templet was a Louisiana resident who is the subject of the new Netflix series.

He kidnapped his son Anthony from his birth mother when was just five, inflicting several years of mental and physical abuse.

Anthony claimed in court that he had not been allowed to attend school and had never completed a grade at his father’s wishes.

Instead, Burt controlled and monitored Anthony by a mobile phone, and even installed CCTV cameras around the home to keep tabs on him.

By all accounts was a violent man and was once the subject of a damning police reports filed by his then wife Susan.

She described living with Burt as “rarely anything other than hell” with physical and verbal abuse a weekly, sometimes daily occurrence.

After she left him, Bert became an alcoholic, consuming copious amount of beers a day, Anthony claims.

“I couldn’t really do much without upsetting him, so I’d just try to make myself as invisible as possible,” he recounted.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the true story behind the documentary…

The crime

The incident happened in Louisiana on 3 June 2019. Templet shot his father, Burt Templet, and then rang 911 and told the switchboard operator: “I just killed my dad. I shot him three times.”

There were no signs of a physical struggle or evidence that the shooting had been carried out in self-defence.

However, lawyers for Templet argued that he had suffered over a decade of abuse at the hands of his father.

His stepmother, Susan Templet, and other family members pushed for him to avoid a prison sentence.

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